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CQ Test Golf Five Oscar…… CQ Test Golf Five Oscar …… CQ Test Golf Five Oscar ……

Pawel M0DSL and Tom M0DCG
Tom M0DCG and Dave G0LZL

We are a group of amateurs from the Greater Manchester area who regularly compete in the world’s biggest HF radio sport events. Our low-noise location in the beautiful White Peak, overlooking the Cheshire Plain, offers some of the best operating conditions in the northwest of England. This, combined with our modern, first-class equipment, has ensured SRS’s place in the top tier of contest groups in Europe. Presently, we are keen on recruiting and training new members.

The station comprises two FTDX5000s, each attached to a linear amplifier, facilitating full-legal-power operation on all of the HF contest bands, 160m through to 10. Aerials include TH5 and TH6 beams, Hustlers (verticals) and full-length dipoles – including for Top Band. Two 80-foot trailer towers ensure that the station makes the most of its RF power and antenna equipment. Complementing this is fully-computerised, networked logging and the display of real-time band activity sourced from the DX Cluster, RBN and our own SDR.

Since it was formed in 2007, ‘Golf-Five-Oscar’ has been the recipient of several awards, and has won the Open section of National Field Day (CW) on four occasions since 2011.

We normally enter all four of the CQ World-Wide and WPX CW and SSB events, the IOTA Contest, as well as CW National Field Day. Operation is generally a two-transceiver/‘multi-two’ format. (The exception is CW National Field Day, when only a single radio can transmit at any point in time.)

For the IOTA Contest, we have established a habit of travelling to an island away from mainland Britain. Our first outing, in 2011, was to Holy Island (EU-124), Anglesey. We ventured to the Orkneys (EU-009) in 2014. Rathlin Island (EU-122), off Northern Ireland, became our QTH during the 2015 event, and Arranmore Island (EU-121), Donegal, hosted us since 2016. Our IOTA activities offer adventure together with great operating experiences.

For CW National Field Day (NFD), SSB Field Day and IOTA (Islands on the Air), we compete on behalf of Stockport Radio Society.

We are on the lookout for new people, either to operate or to help out with the construction/pull-down of the station – preferably both – and we are keen to mentor new contesters. Whether you’re just starting out on SSB or are an experienced CW hand (should I say ‘fist’), We will welcome you.

Regular Callsign: G5O

IARU Locator: IO83XG

WAB Square: SJ97

IOTA: EU-005

QRZ Page:


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