Stockport Radio Society HF Ladder

Stockport Radio Society runs the SRS HF ladder each year for members to compete in working DX on the HF bands.

The rules are simple:

  • Points are awarded for each different DXCC entity worked per band 160m through 6m.
  • A worked DXCC is only counted once per band regardless of how many different modes are used to work the DXCC.
  • Any mode can be used but contacts must be via RF propagation only.

The competition runs from 00:00hrs 1st January until 23:59hrs 31st Dec.

At the SRS Presentation event the following January, awards are given to winners from various categories.  The overall winner is presented with the G3VOU Jim Barlow trophy to hold for a year.

To include your log in the HF Ladder you need to sign up to Club Log then join the SRS club league. You can then upload your files from your logging programme throughout the year.

This guide will help you to get started. HF Ladder Guide

You can log in to club log to see the league table although a quick way to view the current HF & 6 DXCC ladder scores is via the link below.

Update April 21 M1PTR