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 RSGB Regional Winner (Region 3 Large Clubs) Club of the Year 2015, 2016 and 2017

RSGB National Club of the Year Finalist – 3rd place in 2017

Table Top Sale – Tuesday June 21st 2022

Tuesday evening saw our first surplus equipment sale for many a year with some members attending to part with their surplus gear. During the event Neil M6NAE acquired an Anytone Dual bander which he has now reviewed on video now available on our YouTube channel.

Posted: 23rd June 2022

EJ6KP – Tory Island 2022

Mini DxPedition to Tory Island 13th to 18th June 2022

Tom M0DCG, Pete M1PTR and Kieron M5KJM are on their travels again this time to Tory Island. For more information click on the photo.

Updated: 15th June 2022

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Her Majesty The Queen is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee in 2022 and the RSGB is supporting this once-in-a-lifetime event with a number of activities, incorporating where possible, a theme of “70”.

Please visit the RSGB’s dedicated page for further information.

RSGB National Field Day 2022

Jubilee Weekend sees this year’s NFD contest take place and SRS will be taking part from Common Barn Farm.

Click here for more details.

Updated: 7th June 2022

CQ WPX CW 2022 Contest Final Score

In the early hours of Monday morning the plug was pulled on this year’s CQ WPX CW contest. But, just before turning everything off, Carsten G0SYP recorded the “scores on the doors” as shown opposite.

Well done to all those who participated on our behalf.

Posted: 27th May 2022

CQ WPX CW 2022 Contest Preparations

Preparations underway at Common Barn Farm for this weekend’s contest.

Here Tom M0DCG and Roy G6RSU tune the 40 Metre 4 Square with the Worcester mast in the background prepared for raising to it’s full height with the TH6 Tri-bander on top.

Posted: 23rd May 2022

Bramhall Park Duck Race

Bob M6TMA visiting our marquee located in the walled garden at Bramhall Park during Sunday’s event organised by the Bramhall and Woodford Rotary Club.

A very popular event and good to get out there and meet the public again. Please follow this link for some more photographs of the event.

Posted: 16th May 2022

Yaesu FTM-200D Unboxing

Posted: 13th May 2022

Sunday @ Walthew House

Evan M0TJU with Colin 2E0HVH taking control of the new IC7610 today at Walthew House.

Pleased to hear both on the air using club call G3LX and especially taking part in our 10 Metre Net on 28.575MHz hosted by Slawek M0SQJ using club callsign G8SRS ably assisted by Simon M0TYY. Also joining the net were Bob G4GDG, Nigel G0RXA and Al M1FHM.

Posted: 8th May 2022

Radio Night at Walthew House

Tonight (3 May), we will be hosting a Radio and Practical Evening at Walthew House, with the focus being participation in this month’s RSGB 144MHz Activity Contest (lasting between 8:00 and 9:30pm). 

For those interested in the ‘other’ type of VHF voice operating – SSB rather than FM, and horizontal instead of vertical polarisation – this is the time to try it. 
With our rotatable Yagi beam antenna, we should be able to contact a number of stations around the country. 

Also, members wanting to give contesting a try, such VHF ‘activity nights’ provide a great introduction to this part of the hobby; they involve giving genuine signal reports, and contacts often result in conversation, not just a ‘Five-Nine’ response each time. 

Morse practice will be between 7pm and 7:30.

Posted: 3rd May 2022

The competition is running from the 1st May till end of July 2022.

Please see the diary to the right of this page for dates and details of meetings.

Posted: 27th April 2022

NARSA Rally 2022 “A grand day out at the seaside”.

Thank you to the following members who assisted with the SRS stand at NARSA 2022.

Neil M6NAE
Bill M0WBS
Simon M0TYY
Evan M0TJU
Nigel M0VNL

I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as I did, seeing and chatting to traders who would have been at our own rally, only for Covid.

Also all the those who stopped by for a chat, showing great interest as to what SRS has to offer to its members. The RSGB President Stewart Bryant G3YSX and RSGB Board Director Len Paget GM0ONX also stopped by our stand and engaged in conversation with myself when I put a few questionsThank you to those club members to stopped by to say hello.

A great stand set up and loads of positive comments from those who stopped by.

73 de Tony M0SAV
SRS Chair.

Some more photos from the event can be found on the NARSA 2022 website by following this link.

Posted: 24th April 2022

International Marconi Day – Lizard Point Special Event GB4LD

News from Peter G8BCG

Reminder for SRS satellite ops: Activity from IN79 23/4/22: G8BCG as GB4LD will be on QO-100 from Lizard Wireless Station @lizardwirelessstation for International Marconi Day. Hope to have 2 stations running – FT8/ FT4 and SSB / CW simultaneous if enough interest. This is a public event so please be kind to the operators😉🛰73

QO-100 station copied and worked by Carsten G0SYP, please follow link for a recording of Peter in action as GB4LD.

Posted: 23rd April 2022

QUAlite Issue number 40 – April 2022

The latest edition of our newsletter is now available by clicking on the image on the left.

Copies of previous editions, as well as the latest can be found by following this link.

Posted: 20th April 2022

Walthew House station upgrades

Today, Saturday 16th April saw work begin to upgrade the station at Walthew House with the installation of the new Icom IC7610 recently purchased from Lamco in Barnsley and one of the new Lenovo laptop computers.

The installation required some alterations to the station setup which were completed in double quick time.

With the radio now installed, the process of “getting to know it” will begin but it will bring a new dimension to our future radio sessions.

For some more photos of today’s session made available by Neil M6NAE, please follow this link.

Posted: 16th April 2022

Major investment at SRS

The Easter bunny has arrived early this year as we have made the decision to invest in our facilities at Walthew House.

A new signing in book, or may be a new projector. No actually it’s a new transceiver and this time it’s a “brand spanking” new Icom IC-7610 which Tony M0SAV and Neil M6NAE collected from Lamco in Barnsley today.

The photo below shows a very happy Tony collecting the rig, whilst Simon took Neil took a short tour of the store and the equipment available. Please take a look at Neil’s short video, available on our YouTube channel.

Thank you to Dave and Simon at Lamco for you welcome and helping SRS to invest in the future.

But, that’s not it as also joining the Icom will be two new Lenovo laptop computers which will help to update our connectivity at Walthew House. It is hoped the new items will be installed shortly and be available for our Sunday session this weekend and meetings later in April.

Posted: 6th April 2022

An invitation to new M7 Licence holders

Passing the Foundation Exam is your first step to discovering a great diverse hobby.

The following is primarily aimed at new M7 licence, but if you are licensed or thinking of obtaining your Amateur Radio Licence then these open days are for you..

If you would like to visit Stockport Radio Society, at Walthew House, on a Sunday  when members will be available to take you through the basics of setting up you station in a safe manner, how to tune an antenna for low SWR. Hands on operating in all modes. Digital operation, internet radio and more.

This is a free service being offered by Stockport Radio Society.

(Just a voluntary donation would be greatly appreciated)

Come along and see what your new hobby has to offer, experience on air nets, and DX communication.Please email to log your interest at attending a Sunday Open day.

The sessions will take place on the 2nd Sunday of each month, please see our calendar for confirmation of the date.

Posted: 31st March 2022

CQ WPX SSB 2002 from Common Barn Farm

Great weekend up at the farm for the contest group competing in the SSB leg of this year’s CQ WPX event.

A fun time was had by all setting up, operating and tearing down with the weather being unusually sunny and warm.

Contest Manager: Tom M0DCG

Operators : Dave G0LZL, Pawel M0DSL, Kieron M5KJM, Peter M1PTR and Carsten G0SYP.

Support Crew: Bernard G3SHF, Roy G6RSU and Nigel G0RXA

Final score caption courtesy of Carsten G0SYP
Pawel M0DSL and Tom M0DCG manning the Saturday overnight shift.

Posted: 29th March 2022

QUAlite Issue 39 – March 2022

Click on the image left to take you to the latest edition of our newsletter.

Copies of previous editions can be found here.

Posted: 19th March 2022

Soldering Exercise “Burnt Fingers” Evening – Tuesday 22nd February

Tuesday saw members gather at Walthew House for a practical evening.

Helped by Tom M0DCG, Roy G6RSU and Tony M0SAV, three members, Andrew, Daz and Neal had an enjoyable time and managed to complete on the evening small kits provided for the exercise.

Please see Neal’s video of the evening which is available on YouTube.

Monday 21st February: First Club net via Zello.

Tonight is the club’s first Zello Net At 7.30pm.If you would like to join us. Please email n.rydings at for your password.

Speak with you all later this evening.

Posted 21st February 2022

QUAlite issue 38 – February 2022

Click on the image left to take you to the latest edition of our newsletter.

Copies of previous editions can be found here.

Posted 16th February 2022

2022 RSGB AFS Results

The results have been announced for the recent round of RSGB AFS contests on 40 and 80 Metres. Entering the “local clubs” section of each contest, our teams secured the following places.

8th January 2022 – CW – Stockport Radio Society A Team – 11th place out of 65 (M0UNN, G3SHF, G0LZL, M0DCG).

8th January 2022 – CW – Stockport Radio Society B Team – 44th place out of 65 (M0TJU, M5KJM).

22nd January 2022 – SSB – Stockport Radio Society – 16th place out of 65 (G3SHF, M1PTR, M0DCG, G0RXA).

Thank you to all who took part on our behalf.

Posted 31st January 2022

Presentation – Solar Cycle 25: What it has in store for us? – Tuesday 25th January

On Tuesday 25th January there will be a simultaneous presentation by Evan M0TJU ” Solar Cycle 25: What it has in store for us?”

This will be a live presentation from Walthew and also via WebEx for those who cannot attend. For details of the WebEx log in please email

I hope that you will do your best to support this presentation.

Posted 21st January 2022

RSGB 80/40M AFS SSB Contest – Saturday 20th January 2022

Just to remind you that the AFS SSB contest runs this coming Saturday 22nd January 2022 from 1300 to 1700 UTC on 80 and 40m.
The rules and log upload robot can be found at  Please use Stockport RS as the club name when submitting logs.
For members wishing to enter the Local Category, note the ‘Virtual Meeting Place’ details :- Stockport Radio Society 137707 G8SRS our VMP is M31 4PT 

For information, I have a Slideshow PDF aimed at helping those not familiar with the contest logging program N1MM logger+ is available. The Slideshow PDF was used last year in our Contesting presentation and has been tailored for AFS use. Please email for a copy.

Good luck to everyone entering the AFS contests. I look forward to working you on Saturday.
73 de Pete, M1PTR

Posted 18th January 2022

SRS 2 Metre Net – Tuesday 11th January 2022

Tuesday 11th January 2022 at 19.30 hrs Local time I will be chairing the following net.

Frequency 145.550Mhz FM + or – using the club call G6UQ.

All members are very welcome to call in and have a chat.The Topic will be “What do SRS need to upgrade Radio wise?”It is your club, have your say.”

Best 73 to all de Tony M0SAV

Posted 8th January 2022

SRS 10 Metre Net

Slawek M0SQJ will be chairing our first 10 Metre net of 2022 at 10.30am Sunday 9th January 2022.

He will be using the club calls sign G8SRS on 28.550MHz +/- QRM..

All members and visitors are welcome to join Slawek.

Posted 8th January 2022

RSGB AFS Contests – January 2022

Just to remind you that the AFS contests start this coming Saturday 8th January 2022 with the CW event from 1300 to 1700 UTC on 80 and 40m.

The rules and log upload robot can be found at

For members wishing to enter the Local Category, the ‘Virtual Meeting Place’ details :- are

Stockport Radio Society 137707 G8SRS our VMP is M31 4PT

Further AFS contests will be on:-

AFS Datamodes – Sunday 16th January 2022, 1300-1700 UTC
AFS SSB – Saturday 22nd January 2022, 1300-1700 UTC

Posted 5th January 2022

A very happy new year to all our members and visitors.

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