Morse Code Training

Morse code, the original digital mode has always been popular with members of our society and remains so to this day. During the Covid years, our Teatime Morse net run by Bernard G3SHF and Tom M0DCG was very popular both with society members and non members occupying 3.564MHz on 80 Metres for over 3 years. A job well done which helped many to either take up the code for the first time or hone their skills with the key.

Our regular meetings both Tuesdays and Saturdays feature time for Morse Code training. Initially run by Mike M6MPC, a skilled Morse Code operator, the sessions now are ably looked after by Evan M0TJU with a number of interested parties taking part.

If anyone would like to take part, the sessions usual begin on a Tuesday around 7pm and from around 11.30am on Saturday.

For more information please email

Please see below some useful links for those interested in Morse Code and how it is used today.

Evan M0TJU took part in the 2024 RSGB AFS (Affiliated Societies) CW contest in January 2024 and has produced a short video with some tips for taking part along with describing some pitfalls. Please follow the link below.