Tea Time Morse

Back in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, and first UK lockdown, Bernard G3SHF and Tom M0DCG launched daily Morse sessions aimed at helping members develop and improve their use of the original digital mode, Morse Code.

The daily sessions starting at 4.00pm (locally) each day on 3564kHz +/- QRM continued for a few days short of 2 years helping many, and not just members of SRS, to improve their skills. Callers from all over of the country and beyond have joined the nets and we are aware of many more listening into the sessions.

With normality returning in some parts of the world and pressures on participants time from other angles, March 2022 was the time to bring the daily sessions to a close. However, that was not the end of the story as to continue our presence on 80 Metres twice weekly nets were launched on Wednesdays and Saturdays which themselves came to an end in October 2023, over three years after the net was launched.

With the tea pot now empty and last donut sampled, Bernard comment’s…..

Teatime Morse Net – Last Orders

Hello everyone,

I ran the 4.00pm net for the last time this afternoon and the session was supported by:

Evan M0TJU

David M0WDD

Chris  M0KCJ

Geoff GW0ISE.

Conditions followed the usual pattern, with 599 signals but all having some QSB!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the nets since they began in March 2020 at the beginning of the Covid emergency and first lock down. 

At that time it would have been hard to believe the net would still be part of the calendar into 2023 and it’s pleasing and rewarding to learn of those for whom the nets have been a springboard to joining the CW fraternity.

Tom and I look forward to meeting you on the air at some point in the future, maybe during the new SRS CW activity which will be part of our monthly Saturday activity on 40 Metres, more details to follow.

In the meantime, 73s and thank you for the memories.

Bernard G3SHF

Email: info<at>g8srs.co.uk

Some comments from regular participants……

To All

A great thank you, I enjoyed my visit’s on the Tea Time Net.

The stations yesterday were all 599 with some QSB, it was the first occasion to use my new Eddington loop antenna on 80 metres band, having only finished the installation a week and a half ago. Despite the QSB, I could copy all stations, an improvement over my trap dipole used previously, once again thank you all, and hope to meet up on the bands, or local rallies.

Kindest regards
Geoff GW0ISE

Good afternoon all

I have great memories of this net – and I learned a lot.

Good luck and best wishes

David M0WDD

Thank you to all for putting on the slow morse transmission been a joy listening.

73 Phil GØBVD

Regular Participants

Bernard (Ben) G3SHF


Nigel G0RXA

Evan M0TJU

Mike M6MPC

Geoff GW0ISE

Regular Listerners


Phil G0BVD