Contesting, or radio sport as it’s known in some parts of the world is an activity which “pits our wits” against other clubs, groups or individuals who like to compete across the airwaves in nationally and internationally organised events.

These events occur regularly and cover many bands, modes and times of the day and year allowing entrants to hone their setups to compete with other like minded groups.

Stockport Radio Society and it’s members have been involved in contesting both collectively and individually for many years and have achieved good results, notably some recent first places in the RSGB National Field Day held annually at the beginning of June.

Whilst the field day events have traditionally been our focus, recent years has seen those who have more than a passing interest in this aspect of the hobby, take to the hills and compete in some of the planet’s biggest contests from a site in the foothills of the South Pennines. The quiet environment helps to enhance those distant signals from far flung parts of the world as well as allowing the team to project their own messages across the globe.

The “Island on the Air” contest regularly features in the calendar, which until Covid closed down the world usually meant a trip across the Irish Sea to the island of Arranmore in the Republic. Rathlin Island north of the border has also featured.

Please follow the links below for details of the team and activities, including links to this year’s contest dates, results and much more.

Evan M0TJU took part in the 2024 RSGB AFS (Affiliated Societies) CW contest in January 2024 and has produced a short video with some tips for taking part along with describing some pitfalls. Please follow the link below.