On Air Nets

On-air net’s are an important feature of any radio society’s activities and we are no different.

In order to cater for members with different interests our nets take place on various bands and modes.

Net controllers will use either their own callsign, or more probably one of the society callsigns of which we have a few. Please follow the link below for details.

Our nets are regularly reviewed to ensure they meet with members needs. Those which feature in our calendar at present are as follows.

Thursday Weekly at 7.30pm local: 70 CMs via GB3MR Repeater

2nd Tuesday of month at 7.30pm local: Club net via Zello (Password required)

2nd Sunday of month at 10.30am local: 10 Metres SSB (28.575MHz +/- QRM)

Tea Time Morse: Wednesday & Saturday at 4pm local: 80 Metres CW (3.564MHz +/-)

5th Tuesday of month at 7.30pm local: “Wild Card Net” See “diary of events” for details.

For further information about our nets please email “info at g8srs.co.uk” or leave a message on 07598 892795.