SRS HF Ladder 2023 Standings & Results

Well, SRS members have been busy on the HF bands last year with a total of 5799 a slots in all modes, CW, SSB and Data. There were 18 SRS members entering the HF ladder along with GB0DBA and EI6KP SES.

On CW, a total of 632 slots were made with Evan, M0TJU, being the winner with 208 slots out of 7 SRS members.

On SSB, a total of 1266 slots were made with Keith, M0JYP being the winner with 402 slots out of 14 participants.

Data, a total of 3901 slots were made, with some very impressive slot numbers. There were 13 participants with Peter, G8BCG being the winner of the data section and overall winner of the 2023 SRS HF Ladder.

Congratulations to all participants, and it would be great if a few more members participated in the ladder, especially as HF conditions are very good at present.

Any member who wants to join this year’s ladder, drop me an email: hfladder (at)

73 and DX
Kieron, M5KJM/EI6KP