IOTA (Islands on the Air) Contest – Result

Entries in the annual Islands on the Air (IOTA) contest have been a relative new experience for our contesters. However, being somewhat adventurous the event has been seen as an opportunity to venture further afield with the island of Ireland, both north and south being a particular favourite.

Please see below a resume of our progress in this event over the last few years. Sadly 2020 was a blank year with 2021 another entry from our site in the hills but hopefully there will be adventures further afield soon.

YearCallsignIslandPosition in
the World
QSOsMultsFinal Score
2023G5OGreat Britain15th1,4013413,855,005
2022G5OGreat Britain16th1,2332722,598,960
2021G5OGreat Britain9th1,7552743,311,290
2020No Entry
2015GI5ORathlin Island9th1,7313765,100,975
2014GM5OOrkney Island7th2,1593937,068,105
2013G5OGreat Britain32nd1,0982281,798,920
2012G5OGreat Britain19th1,6493924,968,600
2011GW5OHoly Island15th2,0253834,845,333