Where We Operate From

For all four of the CQ World Wide CW and SSB contests, we operate from a caravan near the B&B at Common Barn Farm, about 3 miles northeast of Macclesfield.

The entrance to Common Barn Farm is along Smith Lane, Rainow, a little over half a mile from the road’s intersection with the B5470 (the Whaley Bridge-Macclesfield Road) which, in turn, is about 200 metres north of the village of Ginclough.

Although the postcode for the farm is given as SK10 5XJ,  you may want to set your satnav destination to either SK10 5XQ  (if you approaching Smith Lane along the B5470 from the Macclesfield end) or SK10 5UX (if you are travelling on the B5470 from Whaley). These postcodes are respective points about 100 metres south and north of the Smith Lane/B5470 intersection.

When approaching the farm from the Smith Lane/B5470 intersection, the farm will appear on your right. You’ll see the antennas!

IARU Locator: IO83XG

WAB Square: SJ97

Postcode: SK10 5XJ

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