RSGB SSB Field Day

After a few years break, SRS entered the 2023 RSGB SSB National Field Day Contest with members of the Contest Group operating from their usual site at Common Barn, Rainow, Nr Macclesfield.

The aim of Field day being:

  1. test the group’s ability to plan operations that can be effective for an entire twenty-four-hour period,
  2. demonstrate the technical proficiency of the station that has been hastily constructed for the purpose
    Noting that a better station will be capable of emergency operations in dire conditions. (Wikipedia)

RSGB rules can be found here.

It has been a long standing tradition for SRS to enter field day contests (both CW and SSB) (see photo below). Whilst the CW version features regularly in our programme, our last entry in the SSB event was in 2021 where we finished 4th in the Low Power Assisted Portable section.

Our Activities

Setup commenced on Friday 1st September in time for the contest start at 14.00 (2PM) local time on Saturday 2nd September when G5O/P would take to the air.

To read the story of the 2023 event with inputs from team members Pete M1PTR, Tom M0DCG and Evan M0TJU please follow this link.

If you don’t have a radio but would like to listen to the activity or have difficulty receiving at your QTH, then you may want to take a listen to one of the many WebSDR receivers dotted around the world. Here in Stockport we would recommend choosing the facilities provided by G0XBU at Jodrell Bank, the Hack Green Nuclear Bunker or the University of Twente Enschede in Holland. Please follow the link below to visit our WebSDR page.

For more information about our contesting activities, please follow the links below. If you would like to visit the site during the group’s activities then please see our contacts page.