RSGB AFS 80/40 Metres Contests

The annual AFS (Affiliated Societies) Contests usually take place in the opening month of the year and occupy dates, Saturday or Sunday on three weekends.

The rules and log upload robot can be found at RSGB AFS 80m/40m Contests.

For members wishing to enter the Local Category, the ‘Virtual Meeting Place’ details are :-

Stockport Radio Society 137707 G8SRS our Virtual Meeting Place (VMP) is M31 4PT

For information, there are two slideshows aimed at helping those not familiar with contest logging program N1MM logger+. The first is for CW contests and the second for SSB Contests. Evan M0TJU has produced a guide for setting up N1MM for use with Data modes.

The Slideshows were produced a couple of years ago by Pete M1PTR and Bernard G3SHF.

Evan M0TJU took part in the 2024 RSGB AFS (Affiliated Societies) CW contest in January 2024 and has produced a short video with some tips for taking part along with describing some pitfalls. Please follow the link below.

Pete M1PTR with Dave G0LZL entering the 2009 AFS Phone contest from a rather windy Common Barn Farm.

Good luck to everyone entering the AFS contests.