SRS Loan Equipment

This section is for the use of members only who are using or loaning SRS equipment.  Below are the manuals for equipment that is owned by SRS.

  • Portable Hexbeam by G3TXQ – It covers 20m through to 6m / “Instructions in the bag, plus help from M5KJM”
  • Clark IG2000 Inverter Generator (Petrol)  Please read quick setup guide before operating – IG2000 Quick Setup Guide
  • VHF/UHF System Fusion Cased Kit Complete – Please read enclosed instructions before use
  • MFJ Antenna Analyiser
  • Yaesu FT857 Transceiver with LDG Antenna Tuner
  • Fibre Glass Antenna Mast with guy lines (Slot together 2 metre poles / 3 per mast)
  • G5RV (half size) antenna
Item Loaned OutDateMember(s)Loaned by / Approved ByDate ReturnedIn Good Condition
Portable Hexbeam01.05.19Rob M0ORA / Matt M0MVRKieran M5KJM / Heth M6HNSJuly 2019Yes
MFJ259 Aerial Analyser17.03.20 - 31.03.19Bernard G3SHFHeather M6HNS for WPX SSB 48hr Contest - 28/29 March 2020
MFJ259 Aerial Analyser19.05.20 to (including NFD Contest below) 16.06.20Bernard G3SHFHeather M6HNS for WPX CW 48hr Contest - 30/31 May 2020
MFJ259 Aerial Analyser19.05.20 to (including WPX CW Contest above) 16.06.20Bernard G3SHFHeather M6HNS for NFD 24hr Contest - 6/7 June 2020
MFJ259 Aerial Analyser07.07.20 - 04.08.20Bernard G3SHFHeather M6HNS for IOTA 24hr Contest - 25/26 July 2020
MFJ259 Aerial Analyser06.10.20 - 27.10.20Bernard G3SHFHeather M6HNS for CQ WWW SSB 48hr Contest - 24/25 October 2020
MFJ259 Aerial Analyser17.11.20 - 01.12.20Bernard G3SHFHeather M6HNS for CQ WWW CW 48hr Contest - 28/29 November 2020
Generator04.02.20 - to be confirmedNigel 2E0CKA / Heather M6HNSTony M0SAV