SRS QO-100 Portable Station

Our kit has been designed and put together so that it can be operated both at our Walthew House HQ in the centre of Stockport and out on the road at events such as the TAS Memorabilia Fair, Manchester Airport; Avro Heritage Centre, Woodford: and many others around the borough of Stockport and sometimes beyond and out of the back of a car.

Our usual operators are Nigel M0VNL & Tony M0SAV

The kit at present (March 2024) is made up of the following:

Transceiver:  Yaesu FT-817ND

DX-Patrol QO-100 Full Duplex Groundstation (Version 1)

DX-Patrol QO-100 LNB

DX-Patrol Helix High Performance Antenna

Maclean TV Systems 65cm Satellite Dish

4-5m/15ft (Standard Twin, RG6) Satellite coax:   Signal & LO from LNB

4-5m/15ft LMR400 Satellite coax:  Groundstation transmit to Helix antenna

Telescopic Tripod Mast

Lenovo Ideapad

12V 70AH Leisure Battery

300W 230V Mains Inverter

Sotabeams PowerPole ® Fused DC Connector Box

Ancillary DC and coaxial cables and connectors.