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Propagation Predictions and Space Weather information

GB2RS Propagation News


Solar Ham: Shows general space weather info (solar flare events, sunspot numbers, etc.) that impact on propagation.

Guide to Solar Ham

Space Weather Live

Space Weather Woman

VOACAP Point-To-Point Predictions

VOACAP General Coverage Predictions

Ionosonde Station Lists, Location Maps and ionosonde explanations

DIDBase Station list ( Comprehensive list of ionosondes across the world. Contains latest and historical ionograms.

Map of European Ionosondes: Useful map, showing continental ionosondes. Please note that many of the links are not current.

‘Interpreting Digital Ionograms’ (2009 Radcom article, linked from RSGB website)


Athens – latest ionogram

Chilton (Oxon, UK) – latest ionogram (Requires registration on first attempt to access. On further attempt, when the log-in field appears, just type in the email address that you used for the registration, and press [ENTER]. Leave the ‘Password’ field blank.)

Dourbes (SE Belgium) – latest ionogram

Juliuruh (Baltic coast, Germany) – latest ionogram

El Arenosillo (nr Gibraltar) – current and historical ionograms  

Millstone Hill (New England, USA) – current and historical ionograms

Pruhonice (nr Prague, Czech Rep.) – latest ionogram

Rome – latest ionogram

Roquetes (nr Barcelona) – current and historical ionograms

Tromso (N. Norway) – latest ionogram