We were recently informed, that to run a raffle or football card to raise funds for the club, we needed to register with the local Council. 

I am pleased to let you all know that we have registered with Stockport MBC ‘Small Society Lottery Licence’.  Neil M6NAE has received the certificate, and this will now be laminated and placed on the inside door of the Store cupboard in the JB room at Walthew House, so that when we are there it is on view for the members to see.  There will also be a new page on the website with the certificate and procedures on.    All paperwork will be done by Neil as our Funding Manger, and Tony M0SAV will assist where necessary.  A record of each raffle will be kept on file.

To keep these funds separate from the main account (this makes it easier when checking who has paid), a new account is being used.  The new account details are on the attached procedures list.  Please ensure that any payments are sent to this account.



Updated April 21