Evan DuffieldThis page has been supplied by Evan Duffield M0TJU – Stockport Radio Society’s Propagation Guru
 for up-to-date ionosonde information for Europe, only. (Links to non-Eur. sounders seem to be out of date.) for both historic and real-time ionosonde info. (Most useful for non-Eur. ionosondes, the links to which on the vhfdx site tend not to work.) near-real-time global MUF map. near-real time global map of F2 layer critical frequencies. (Updates with on-the-hour info at 45 mins past the hour.) for point-to-point predictions for general-area predictions

For solar conditions (‘space weather’), which impact on propagation: general space weather info (solar flare events, sunspot numbers, etc.) that impact on propagation. My user guide for this site is….


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