Net Logs 2020

Below is a list of all the nets and people who have come on the nets during 2020

DateMode / Freq.ControllerIn the Log
17.02.20202C4FM Fusion Net 144.725Alan G0ROWM0SAV, M0CPP, 2E0CKA, 2E0JPY, G6URD
13.02.20202m 145.375Nigel 2E0CKAM0SQJ /m, 2E0JPY, M7RJL, G6RSU, M7CJK, M0TKG
11.02.20206m 51.550 FMKeith 2E0JPYM0CPP, G6RSU, 2E0NAL, M0TKG, G0ROW, G1YMW,
03.02.202070cm 433.350 Alan G0ROW in place of Neil M6NAE2E0JPY, M0CPP, MOTKG, 2E0CKA, M0SAV
29.01.20202m 145.375Bob M0CPPG1YMW, 2E0JPY, 2E0TWD-M, 2E0OAI, Oldham club, 2E0CKA, M1BNH Bury club
20.01.2020C4FM Fusion Net 144.725Neil M6NAEM0SAV, 2E0JPY, G0ROW, 2E0CFM, 2E0CKA, G6URD, M0CPP, M1JSC Jamie (non member)
16.01.20202m 145.375Keith 2E0JPY in place of Nigel 2E0CKAM7RJL, M0SQJ, M7FWR, M0TKG, M0FRG Andrew (non member), G6BGB Stuart (non member)
14.01.20206M 51.550FMKeith 2E0JPYG0ROW, G6URD, M0CPP, 2E0CKA, 2E1BVS, G6RSU
06.01.202070cm 433.350Neil M6NAE2E0JPY, M7RJL, M0TKG, M1FHM,