Where We Operate From

We operate from a caravan in at Common Barn Farm and Whitegates Field, a paddock about 1200ft sea level, located two kilometres directly east of Rainow (about halfway between the town and Pym’s Chair lookout).

When approaching from Macclesfield or Greater Manchester, the best way is along the B5470 and then along Smith Lane. (The intersection of these roads is about 100 metres north of the village of Ginclough.) Entering the post code SK10 5XJ into your satnav should put you onto Smith Lane. Alternatively, keying ‘Smith Lane’ in the Street field and ‘Rainow’ in the Town field of your satnav should work. (Note: the road that the field is actually in, Ewrin Lane, does not register in a search on www.streetmap.com. Even when ‘Erwin’ Lane is put in – assuming a misspelling – there is no response.)

The entrance to the field – a farm gate – is almost exactly 2.5km (1.56mi) from the B5470/Smith Lane intersection, on Ewrin Lane. (Ewrin Lane is a continuation of Smith Lane.) The field entrance is about 50 metres beyond the both Buxter Stoops Farm and Cook Hill Cottage, each of which have their buildings next to the road, on opposite sides.

As you continue (slowly) past these buildings, you will notice a farm gate on the right, at the point where the road bends to the left. The co-ordinates for the entrance are as follows:

OS X (Eastings)              397536

OS Y (Northings)            376143

Nearest Post Code        SK10 5XL (though SK10 5XJ recommended when using satnav)

Lat (WGS84)                  N53:16:56 (53.282255)

Long (WGS84)               W2:02:18 (-2.038416)

Lat,Long                          53.282255,-2.038416

Nat Grid                          SJ975761 / SJ9753676143

The relevant www.streetmap.co.uk page is here. The arrow will point to the position of the field entrance.

Once you’re through the gate, follow the path (heading roughly south) for a couple of hundred metres, where the ground will flatten out. That’s the site. (If everything has been put up, you can’t miss it!)

Location of the site:  Maidenhead Locator: IO83XG  /  WAB Square:   SJ97

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