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RSGB Regional Winner (Region 3 Large Clubs) Club of the Year 2015, 2016 and 2017   /   RSGB National Club of the Year Finalist – 3rd place in 2017

2m Net 145.375 +/- 7.30pm Thursday 15 November 2018

Please dont forget this Thursday’s 2 meter net on 145.375 +/-qrm  at 7.30pm.  I will be standing in for Nigel please call in and say hello…

see you thursday –  7.3 neil m6nae

6m Net 51.550 fm +/- 7.30pm Tonight Tuesday 13 November (12.11.18)

Don’t forget we have a 6m net tonight on the normal frequency of 51.550 +/- FM.  We have a new Net Controller for the 6m nets – Keith 2E0JPY – give Keith a call tonight.

73s  Heather  – M6HNS

70cm Net Friday 9 November 2018 (09.11.18)

Good Morning All  –  Please dont forget Fridays 70cm net on 433.525mhz +/- qrm,  at the new start time 7.30pm.

Dont be shy call in and say hello, speak with you all later this evening.

7.3 neil m6nae

SRS Meeting Tuesday, 6 November: Oliver Heaviside: Forgotten British Radio Pioneer (04.11.18)

His name may ring a bell with you, but you probably didn’t know that Oliver Heaviside was one of trail blazers of electronics and radio – right up there with Faraday, Maxwell, Hertz and Marconi – as SRS member Pete Singleton will explain.  Also, Morse practice from 7pm.

73  Evan M0TJU

70cm Friday Net – Revised time 7.30pm 433.525 +/- (01.11.18)

The Friday 70cm net on 433.525mhz for the next two weeks we have changed the start time of the net to the new time of 7.30pm. so thats the 2nd Nov and the 9th Nov.

Many thanks to the members who called into the net last Friday. i think moving the start time of the net to a evening will allow other members working a chance to have a chat with other club members.

Many thanks   Neil M6NAE


Digital Talk – Who would like another talk? (24.10.18)

After speaking with Evan last night, how many member’s would like another, D-star and Yaesu CF4M Fusion demonstration night at the club, as a few members missed the last one. This will include a Icom id4100 2/70 mobile, an Icom id51e plus 2 handheld for D-star and a Yaesu FTM-7250 2/70 mobile for Yaesu C4FM Fusion and the DV Mega bluestack, which act’s as your own repeater / hot spot running very low power and poss dmr radio.  This would be a hands on demonstration.   Please email me through the google group if you are interested, and I will confirm the date with Evan

Many thanks. Neil M6NAE

Fridays 70cm net on 433.525 26 October 2018 REVISED TIME (24.10.18)

Please don’t forget this Friday’s 70cm net on 433.525 +/- qrm.  The time of the net has been changed this week to 7.30pm.   This will allow people who are working all day,  the chance to join in on the net.  Speak with you all on Friday.      7.3  Neil M6NAE


Scouts Participate using Funcub via AMSAT (22.10.18)

Scouts participate in FUNcube Challenge

by m5aka

JOTA 2018 PV8DX - Scout Rebeka - 15RR Valentes de DaviThe JOTA-JOTI FUNcube Challenge involved the FUNcube-1 (AO-73) satellite which transmitted a special Enigma message during Jamboree On The Air (JOTA-JOTI) on October 19-21.

15RR Valentes de Davi scouts 15RR Valentes de Davi scouts

The message was coded using the Enigma cipher machine. After receiving the message, transmitted on a frequency of 145.935 MHz in 1200 bps BPSK, the scouts could determine the deciphering key and Enigma settings by correctly answering 10 space and satellite related questions.

Paulo PV8DX reports the 15RR Valentes de Davi scout group from the city of Boa Vista in the state of Roraima, Brazil were among those who decoded the message.

In the UK the Chertsey Radio Club reports they ran a special event station GB6SS for the Sixth Staines Scouts. In addition to using the digital ode FT-8, see report, the scouts also decoded the FUNcube-1 Enigma message.

Watch Sixth Staines Scouts with Chertsey Radio Club completing JOTA FUNcube Challenge

Boa Vista Brazil 2018-10-21_16-30-21

Skills Night – Tuesday 23 October 2018 (22.10.18)

Morse practice at SRS meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) night, 7pm and the guys will be carrying on with the mag loop building

 Items for Sale (10.10.18)

If you are interested in any of these items, please contact Nigel 2E0CKA – or 07450 942821.

Two desk mics compatible with yaesu offers
Icom ic-r71e been sat in the cupboard at the club offers around £200
Yaesu ft 897 with LDG at 100 pro tuner external, swr meter standard mic, cat cable, power cable and manual. In great condition comes with high stability crystal (tcxo) open to sensible offers Came from silent key but i have been using it for a year on the nets

2m Net – Thursday 11 October 2018 – 145.375 +/_ (09.10.18)

Just a reminder Thursday is the 2 Meter net on 145.375 +or- QRM starting at 19.30 BST.  I will be in the chair again using the club call sign G6UQ.  Hope to hear you all on air.

73 & 88 de Tony M0SAV

6m Net – Tuesday 9 October 2018 – 51.550 fm (08.10.18)

Tuesday evening 9 October  – 6 Meter Net.  The members net will commence at 19.30 BST on 51.550 + or – QRM.  In the chair will be Tony M0SAV using the club call sign G8SRS.  All members welcome to join in, just call “BREAK” in between overs.   A gap will be left between overs for you you to call in.

73 de To M0SAV

Update (10.10.18) – Thank you to all members who joined the 6 Meter net Tuesday 9th Oct.  It was a pleasure to hear you on the air, and exceptionally nice to hear Elaine 2E1BVS.  Unfortunately Ray M1REK, none of us could hear you from the cloud. We did put out some calls for you and left gaps between overs. Let me know if you did hear us.

73 & 88 de Tony M0SAV

Everything You Wanted to Know About Magnetic Loop Antennas’ -Talk Night Tuesday 2 October 2018 (01.10.18)

Our largely urban existence means that many of us are not able to put up sizeable HF antennas. However, mag loop aerials can deliver both compactness and performance, as SRS member Phil Evans M0HNJ will explain.

Also, Morse practice will be on at on at 7pm, as usual.

73  Evan M0TJU

Saturday 29 September – Club of the Year Presentation at Hamfest – SRS are in the final 3 (29.09.19)

6 weeks ago, I was very excited to receive an email informing me that OUR club had got through to the Nationals for Club of the Year – a massive achievement for our club.  So a little bit of sneakyness asking who was going on the Saturday as we want to do a photo with members who were at Hamfest!!!!!  Unbeknown to the members it was actually for the presentation.  Unfortunately a lot of our members were going up on the Friday, and a lot were also contesting in the CQWW Rtty 48 hour contest.  Myself, Nigel 2E0CKA, Tony M0SAV, Neil M6NAE, Nigel 2E0NGE, Bob G4GDG, John M0JFM, Jim M6URD (and son), and Lee M6OLK along with his XYL attended the event.   We came 3rd – and the club were very please with this.  Lets get 2nd next year.

Thanks to RSGB and Waters and Stanton for the award.

Tuesday 25 September – Skills Night – more on the Mag Loop build (24.09.18)

Tomorrow night is a  skills nights, and Neil M6NAE, along with Tom M0DCG and other members will be continuing the Mag Loop building from the previous skills night.  Please come along and have a go.

Also Morse class will be on from 7pm as normal.

Tuesday 18 September – Fusion C4FM D Star ‘hands on’ demonstration with Neil M6NAE (17.09.18)

Tuesday the 18th September will be a radio night   I have been asked by a few member’s about Yaesu C4FM Fusion and Icom D-star digital radio, so I will be demonstrating Yaesu C4FM Fusion digital and Icom’s D-star radio, in which i will also demonstrate the DV-mega Bluestack which is a hot spot for all three modes – DMR, Ffusion and D-star. This device act’s as your own repeater. but only at 10 mili watts of power
and running the pc program blue-dv .
i think if the demand is a popular as last time we had a C4FM night, we may have to do the demonstration to a few members at a time. so everyone gets a good hands on what you can do with digital radio. (This a hands on demonstration) a big thanks to Tony M0SAV, for allowing me to do another demonstration.
See you all on  Tuesday night.
7.3 thanks Neil M6NAE

Tuesday 11 September – 6m net 51.550 mhz 7.45pm (09.09.18)

The coming Tuesday Alan G0ROW will be running the 6m net (subject to all new kit working correctly).  We will be operating on 51.550mhz  at the revised time of 7.45pm – please call in.

Sunday 9 September – Mast and Antenna Maintenance Day & Shack clearout!! (07.09.18)

This Sunday will see a team of members from SRS doing some maintenance to all the antennas and mast, and updating software on the radio stations.  We will also be clearing out the shack and tidying up the storage room.

10 September 2018 – Thanks to Phil M0XYA, Nige 2E0CKA, Nigel 2E0NGE and Neil M6NAE for maintaining the masts and antennas, also Roy G6RSU for helping with the software on the stations.  Thanks to Tony M0SAV and Alan G0ROW and me! for clearing/tidying the shack.  Heth M6HNS

Thanks to Neils Daughter for lunch – it was lovely.

Tuesday 4 September – Presentation Night – IOTA DXpedition to Arranmore Island (02.09.18)

In late July, five intrepid members of the SRS Contest Group travelled to the island of Arranmore, off the remote northwest coast of the Irish Republic, to take part in the annual IOTA (Islands On The Air) Contest.  The planning, adventure – and the drama – involved in setting up and operating from such a far-flung location will be shown during Tuesday night’s presentation.

P.S. Morse practice at 7pm.

Hope to see you there.  73 Evan M0TJU



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