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RSGB Regional Winner (Region 3 Large Clubs) Club of the Year 2015, 2016 and 2017   /   RSGB National Club of the Year Finalist – 3rd place in 2017


 Items for Sale (10.10.18)

If you are interested in any of these items, please contact Nigel 2E0CKA – or 07450 942821.

Two desk mics compatible with yaesu offers
Icom ic-r71e been sat in the cupboard at the club offers around £200
Yaesu ft 897 with LDG at 100 pro tuner external, swr meter standard mic, cat cable, power cable and manual. In great condition comes with high stability crystal (tcxo) open to sensible offers Came from silent key but i have been using it for a year on the nets

2m Net – Thursday 11 October 2018 – 145.375 +/_ (09.10.18)

Just a reminder Thursday is the 2 Meter net on 145.375 +or- QRM starting at 19.30 BST.  I will be in the chair again using the club call sign G6UQ.  Hope to hear you all on air.

73 & 88 de Tony M0SAV

6m Net – Tuesday 9 October 2018 – 51.550 fm (08.10.18)

Tuesday evening 9 October  – 6 Meter Net.  The members net will commence at 19.30 BST on 51.550 + or – QRM.  In the chair will be Tony M0SAV using the club call sign G8SRS.  All members welcome to join in, just call “BREAK” in between overs.   A gap will be left between overs for you you to call in.

73 de To M0SAV

Update (10.10.18) – Thank you to all members who joined the 6 Meter net Tuesday 9th Oct.  It was a pleasure to hear you on the air, and exceptionally nice to hear Elaine 2E1BVS.  Unfortunately Ray M1REK, none of us could hear you from the cloud. We did put out some calls for you and left gaps between overs. Let me know if you did hear us.

73 & 88 de Tony M0SAV

Everything You Wanted to Know About Magnetic Loop Antennas’ -Talk Night Tuesday 2 October 2018 (01.10.18)

Our largely urban existence means that many of us are not able to put up sizeable HF antennas. However, mag loop aerials can deliver both compactness and performance, as SRS member Phil Evans M0HNJ will explain.

Also, Morse practice will be on at on at 7pm, as usual.

73  Evan M0TJU

Saturday 29 September – Club of the Year Presentation at Hamfest – SRS are in the final 3 (29.09.19)

6 weeks ago, I was very excited to receive an email informing me that OUR club had got through to the Nationals for Club of the Year – a massive achievement for our club.  So a little bit of sneakyness asking who was going on the Saturday as we want to do a photo with members who were at Hamfest!!!!!  Unbeknown to the members it was actually for the presentation.  Unfortunately a lot of our members were going up on the Friday, and a lot were also contesting in the CQWW Rtty 48 hour contest.  Myself, Nigel 2E0CKA, Tony M0SAV, Neil M6NAE, Nigel 2E0NGE, Bob G4GDG, John M0JFM, Jim M6URD (and son), and Lee M6OLK along with his XYL attended the event.   We came 3rd – and the club were very please with this.  Lets get 2nd next year.

Thanks to RSGB and Waters and Stanton for the award.

Tuesday 25 September – Skills Night – more on the Mag Loop build (24.09.18)

Tomorrow night is a  skills nights, and Neil M6NAE, along with Tom M0DCG and other members will be continuing the Mag Loop building from the previous skills night.  Please come along and have a go.

Also Morse class will be on from 7pm as normal.

Tuesday 18 September – Fusion C4FM D Star ‘hands on’ demonstration with Neil M6NAE (17.09.18)

Tuesday the 18th September will be a radio night   I have been asked by a few member’s about Yaesu C4FM Fusion and Icom D-star digital radio, so I will be demonstrating Yaesu C4FM Fusion digital and Icom’s D-star radio, in which i will also demonstrate the DV-mega Bluestack which is a hot spot for all three modes – DMR, Ffusion and D-star. This device act’s as your own repeater. but only at 10 mili watts of power
and running the pc program blue-dv .
i think if the demand is a popular as last time we had a C4FM night, we may have to do the demonstration to a few members at a time. so everyone gets a good hands on what you can do with digital radio. (This a hands on demonstration) a big thanks to Tony M0SAV, for allowing me to do another demonstration.
See you all on  Tuesday night.
7.3 thanks Neil M6NAE

Tuesday 11 September – 6m net 51.550 mhz 7.45pm (09.09.18)

The coming Tuesday Alan G0ROW will be running the 6m net (subject to all new kit working correctly).  We will be operating on 51.550mhz  at the revised time of 7.45pm – please call in.

Sunday 9 September – Mast and Antenna Maintenance Day & Shack clearout!! (07.09.18)

This Sunday will see a team of members from SRS doing some maintenance to all the antennas and mast, and updating software on the radio stations.  We will also be clearing out the shack and tidying up the storage room.

10 September 2018 – Thanks to Phil M0XYA, Nige 2E0CKA, Nigel 2E0NGE and Neil M6NAE for maintaining the masts and antennas, also Roy G6RSU for helping with the software on the stations.  Thanks to Tony M0SAV and Alan G0ROW and me! for clearing/tidying the shack.  Heth M6HNS

Thanks to Neils Daughter for lunch – it was lovely.

Tuesday 4 September – Presentation Night – IOTA DXpedition to Arranmore Island (02.09.18)

In late July, five intrepid members of the SRS Contest Group travelled to the island of Arranmore, off the remote northwest coast of the Irish Republic, to take part in the annual IOTA (Islands On The Air) Contest.  The planning, adventure – and the drama – involved in setting up and operating from such a far-flung location will be shown during Tuesday night’s presentation.

P.S. Morse practice at 7pm.

Hope to see you there.  73 Evan M0TJU


Tuesday 28 August 2018 – Skills Night – Start of the Mag Loop Project (27.08.18)

This coming Tuesday evening we have our skills night, so do come along and enjoy!   We are planning to make a start on Tuesday night with the construction of Neil’s M6NAE’s mag loop.  In addition I was hoping we’d also have a general discussion of the project where we can cover some of the issues surrounding these set-ups.  If anyone has a desire to build a particular design, feel free to discuss it with the group.  Any paper drawings, projector slides will be welcome.

In addition we also have the psk31 interface project running at the moment and I’m conscious I’m the only person to have a kit running at the moment.  It works well and I’ve worked quite a few stations with it running 30- 40 watts into a G5RV.   There are kits available for anyone interested.

See you Tues night.   Tom M0DCG

Also, Morse practice will be on from 7.00-7.30pm. (The session can be extended if there is demand.)  Evan M0TJU


Tuesday 21 August 2018 – Society Talk Night (20.08.18)

Roland Myers G8LUL, who recently gave us a talk about using microphones properly, will be back to show us how to make our speech sound good when we’re on the air – and how we can be heard while battling against noise, fading and whatever else the amateur bands throw at us. If you’re an operator like me, who leaves the radio’s audio parameters at their factory settings, this presentation is sure to be an eye-opener.

Also, Morse practice will be at the usual time of 7pm.

Hope to see you there.  73  Evan M0TJU

Tuesday 7 August – NOW a RADIO NIGHT (05.08.18)

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the presentation ‘Improving Transmit Audio’ to 21 August.  In its place we’ll be having a Radio Night, with at least one station concentrating on CW on the HF bands. Conditions have been good of late, so we hope to make some contacts in Europe and beyond.

Morse practice at 7pm.  Hope to see you there.

73  Evan M0TJU


70cm Net – Friday 3 August 2018 – 433.525 +/- 2pm (01.08.18)

Please don’t for get this Friday’s 70cm net at 2pm on 433.525mhz +/-qrm.  This weeks topic – atu’s.. manual or automatic which is best for you,  and which is the best,  and do the manaul atu’s, which have these tiny 4-1 balun’s inside can they handle the power.  If you have a full licence. your views please on the above.

7.3   Neil m6nae.

Wednesday 25 July 2018 – 2m Net 145.375 +/- 7.30pm (24.07.18)

Just a reminder to all that, on my behalf, Neil M6NAE has kindly offered to run the net for me as I will be working, and Heth M6HNS will not be back home until after 8pm.

Details  –  7.30pm  / 2m net / 145.375 +/- / Neil M6NAE running the net.

Please call in.    Thanks    Nige – 2E0CKA


ISS SSTV activation July 30-31  (24.07.18)

by m5aka

ISS SSTV MAI-75 image 9/12 received by Chertsey Radio Club on Baofeng handheld

The Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station are expected to activate amateur radio Slow Scan Television (SSTV) transmissions on 145.800 MHz FM during Monday and Tuesday, July 30-31.

The Inter-MAI-75 SSTV experiment should be active on:
• Monday, July 30 from 16:00-19:30 UT
• Tuesday, July 31 from 13:25-19:15 UT

The SSTV images will be transmitted on 145.800 MHz FM using the Kenwood TM-D710 transceiver located in the Russian ISS Service module. It is expected they will use the PD-120 SSTV format.

Note the ISS transmissions use the 5 kHz deviation FM standard rather than the narrow 2.5 kHz used in Europe. If your transceiver has selectable FM filters try using the wider filter. Handheld transceivers generally have a single wide filter fitted as standard and you should get good results outdoors using just a 1/4 wave whip antenna.

ISS SSTV links for tracking and decoding software



New post on AMSAT-UK  (24.07.18)


Android Satellite Tracking Applications

by m5aka

In his blog Peter Goodhall 2M0SQL looks at satellite tracking Apps for Android devices

He says “Satellite tracking applications play an important part in using the transponders available to radio amateurs, of course, experiences of them all vary and are very subjective however we are going to explore what is available on the Android platform.”

Read his blog post at

m5aka | July 24, 2018 at 7:04 pm | Tags: Amateur Radio, Android, Ham Radio, satellite, tracking | Categories: Daily Updates | URL:



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70cm Net Friday 20 July 2018 433.525 +/- 2pm (18.07.18)

Please don’t forget this Fridays 70cm net on 433.525 +/- qrm at 2pm.  I am looking to have a discussion on SWR meters.  is there a difference between a cheap meter and a top of the range meter.  Do you have one, or do you just look at your radio’s meter,  if you have one on your radio,  and at what level of SWR is acceptable for you.

i look forward to speaking with you all on Friday.  7.3 Neil M6NAE


 SRS Special Events Team – IOTA Open Day at Walthew House 28 July 2018 (18.07.18)

We are having an open day at Walthew House in Stockport on 28 July 2018.  Please see the flyer below and feel free to come along – 10am to 4pm.

See you all there


SRS Society Meeting Tuesday 17 July – Evaluating HF Antenna Performance (16.07.18)

There is perhaps no one better to give a presentation on this topic than Richard Newstead G3CWI: he’s an SRS member and CEO of Macc-based SOTABEAMS, which manufacturers – among other useful ham radio items – a suite of HF wire antennas designed chiefly for portable (e.g. SOTA) operation. Should be interesting and informative.    Also, Morse practice from 7pm.

73  Evan M0TJU

Friday Nets 2pm Re-instated (13.07.18)

You a quick note to let you know that the Friday nets have been been re-instated.  Neil M6NAE will be in the chair, from 2pm on Fridays.  Neil will put the notice out to the membership to confirm what frequency and the topic for discussion.  The diary of events will be updated shortly.

Tuesday 10 July – 6m Net – 2E0CKA in the Chair (09.07.18)

Just to reminder you all that the 6m net will take place at 7.30pm tonight on 51.550.  I  will be running the net in Alan G0ROW’s absence.  Looking forward to speaking to you all tonight.

Busy Weekend Ahead at SRS – July 7 SRS Rally & July 8 AVRO Heritage Park Special Events Station – see the posters below (04.07.18)

Come along and have a browse at the Rally, and/or visit us at Avro.

Special Events Station at Transport and Aviation Festival Runway Visitors Park – Manchester Airport June 30, July 1, 2018 (02.07.18)

Thank you to all members who attended or contacted the team on the radio to show your support to the events team.  Thank you to those members who assisted over the two day event under extreme heat and noise and smoke. Yes smoke from a miniature steam railway.  Being so close to the taxiway, for departures on 05 left, meant that the team were drowned out by the noise from the jet engines as they passed.  After being moved three times on the Saturday morning, all went well until the strong winds in the afternoon. Sunday was a much better calmer day wind wise.  2 Meter contacts were extremely good, HF not so good.  Plenty of people passing by and stopping off for a chat, including other club members.

See the pics –

See you all again at the AVRO HERITAGE MUSEUM event Sunday 8 July.

PS don’t forget SRS Rally Satuday 7 July.

73, Tony M0SAV

SRS Meeting  Night (Tuesday, 3 July): Radio Night (01.07.18)

If you prefer a dose of radio instead of World Cup football, come along to the SRS meeting tomorrow night.  This will be a Radio Night, when we will be getting at least one station on the air to make some contacts around Europe and – hopefully – beyond.

High summer is synonymous with ‘Sporadic E’, the atmospheric phenomenon that can facilitate skip on frequencies as high as 144MHz, so we will see if we can get some action on the normally quiet 15-, 12- and 10-metre bands.

Although the first Tuesday of the month is usually reserved for talks, July’s presentation night will actually be on the 17th, when SRS member and SOTABeams owner Richard Newstead (G3CWI) will give the presentation: ‘Evaluating HF Antenna Performance’.

Don’t forget Morse practice, at the usual time of 7pm.    73  Evan M0TJU

Special Events Station at Transport and Aviation Festival Runway Visitors Park – Manchester Airport (25.06.18)

Come and join us for two days of fun.

Come and run the nets, see who comes back to you.

Everyone is welcome


INVITATION….Skills Night Tues 26th June….psk31 interface etc……  (24.06.18)

It’s the 4th Tues of the month once again and that means skills night at Walthew House, so do come along with soldering irons etc and enjoy a bit of practical work.  The plan is that we continue with the datamode interface.  I have a number of kits and these will be available on the night.

I’ve now completed my own interface and have it housed in a die-cast aluminium box measuring approx. 110mm(L) x 58mm(W) x 31mm(D).  I’ll have it with me on Tues night for people to look at.    After a quick check on the internet, I found suitably sized boxes on ebay for around £7.  Connection from the interface to the laptop sound card is comparatively easy as cheap audio cabling fitted with standard 3.5mm stereo plugs are used, going to the mike and earphone sockets.

However, connection between the interface and the transceiver is a bit trickier, as this will depend on a) the make of set you intend to use for data reception/transmission and b) on whether your set is fitted with a “Packet” socket at the rear.  If it isn’t then the transceiver mike socket at the front can be used.  As set manufacturers tend not to use the same connection arrangements,  I suggest anyone planning to proceed with the interface project brings the set itself or its handbook in so the correct connection method can be established.

I’d also like to remind constructors that we still hold a number of unclaimed superheterodyne kits in the store awaiting collection.

Looking forward to seeing you.  Tom M0DCG

SRS Contest Group comes 2nd in the Low Power Assisted Portable Section of the RSGB NFD 2018 (20.06.18)

News just in – the SRS  Contest Group has come 2nd in the RSGB NFD Low Power Assisted Portable Section – well done to all that took part.

SRS Meeting this Tuesday (19 June): Radio Night (18.06.18)

The focus of Tuesday night’s operating will be the HF digital modes, especially RTTY, PSK31 and PSK63. Some of the time, however, will be devoted to entering relevant ‘macros’ (pre-programmed messages) into Logger32 – a process that those new to digimodes (and new to amateur radio, generally) may wish to take note of.

Also, Morse practice will be at 7pm, as usual.

Hope to see you there. 73 Evan M0TJU

New M6 Callsigns (13.06.18)

Congratulations to the following members who have just got their M6 callsigns.

Craig M60KV, Lee  M6OLK, Paul  M6OKG

Congratulations and we look forward to hearing you on one of the club nets.

Special Events Station at Marple Carnival – Saturday 16 June 2018 GB0MFC (11.06.18)

Please come and join us at the Marple Forces Club, Lime Kiln Lane, Marple.  We will have both HF and  2m stations set up.

Come and have a good on air.  Bring your licence, if you are a non SRS members.

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.



SRS Meeting 5 June : Another Look at Contest Logging Software

Sorry for the confusion. Yes, Logging Software is indeed the topic of tomorrow night’s meeting and, yes, a surplus equipment sale was originally proposed for the June society night…

Although we had a brief talk about programmes for logging contacts on a radio night some months back, tomorrow night we’ll be discussing in more detail how to make use of computerised logging in order to enhance your station’s operation.  This meeting is really meant to be a discussion rather than the usual ‘chalk ‘n’ talk’ presentation: I will introduce the session by detailing AALog, the simple logging app that I’ve used for nearly the whole time I’ve been licenced. For those who use other software (e.g. WriteLog, Logger32 and Ham Radio Deluxe), please feel welcome to chime in and let the audience know what makes you prefer those applications over others.

And don’t forget: Morse practice at 7pm.

73  Evan M0TJU

End of month 2m Net – Wednesday 30 May 2018 (29.05.18)

Just to reminder you that there is a 2m net tonight on 145.375 +/- starting at 7.30pm.  In the chair will be Nigel 2E0CKA using his own callsign.

All members are welcome to call in.  Don’t forget this nets all go towards you sapphire awards and centenary awards.

73s  Heather  – M6HNS

5 June SRS Meeting – Logging Software (28.05.18)

An atypical five-Tuesday month means that there will be no SRS on Tuesday 29 May 2018.

On the following Tuesday, 5 June, we will be demonstrating contest logging software and explaining why we use it and how we use it. This follows on from a brief demo of the Logger32 application that was given on a radio night earlier in the year.

Morse practice will also be on 7pm on 5 June.

73  Evan M0TJU

SRS Trip to Bletchley Park on May 19, 2018 (21.05.18)

Hi All  –  Please see the link below for the images from Bletchley Park.!AkeMMU0BmPiUowHyTbGzcrXaOU5Z

Heather Stanley – M6HNS

Friday Nets on 70cm/2m – Cancelled (21.05.18)

It has been decided that the weekly Friday afternoon nets from today have now been suspended until further notice.  This will be reviewed later in the year as will all the nets that are run on behalf of Stockport Radio Society.

Kind regards AL G0ROW   Net Manager

PLEASE NOTE – JB Room Walthew House / Signing in and Out (16.05.18)

No member is to enter Walthew House unless a Stockport Radio Society Committee member key holder is present.  The Signing in book Must Be AVAILABLE as a FIRST Priority.

ALL MEMBERS including VISITORS MUST sign IN on arrival to the JB room.  ALL MEMBERS including VISITORS MUST sign OUT on vacating the premises.  These are Walthew House Fire Regulations and must be adhered to at all times.

There are still members omitting to follow the above. Remember in case of fire it is the nominated committee member key holders responsibility to make sure all SRS members have vacated the premises, and do a roll call in accordance with the register.  So if you have not signed IN or signed OUT you could jeopardise your own safety.

SRS Committee.

Stockport Radio Society Meeting 15 May- Radio Night; Demo of FT8 digital mode (12.05.18)

Nigel 2E0NGE will be firing up one of the stations in order to demonstrate the digimode that is taking the bands by storm: FT8.  Also, we may make contact with our members John and Elaine, operating as GB5BOH from the remote Scottish island of Barra.  Morse practice will be at 7pm, as normal.

Hope to see you there.   73  Evan M0TJU

Thursday 2m Net – 10 May 2018 – 7.30pm (08.05.18)

M0SAV Tony will be running the Thursday 2 metre net on 145.375 at 19.30 local time.  Callsign in use will be G3LX

7.25pm – 145.375 is occupied please QSY to 145.500 call sign will be G3LX –  2 Meter net on 145.525. Call sign G3LX

UPDATE – Members on the net were – 2E0NGE Nigel. M6URD Jim, M0OGG Chris, 2E0JPY Keith, M6HNS Heather, 2E0CKA Nigel, 2E0CFM Ed,  G8HCB Chris, M0CPP Robert, M0TJU/P Evan, G0RXA Nigel, M6NAE Neil, M1PTR Peter, M6MZV Tony and G3LX

Tuesday 6m Net – 8 May 2018 – 7.30pm (07.05.18)

Dear members  I will be running a net on 51.550MHz +/- QRM in the 6m band at 19.30 local time on Tuesday 8th May 2018 call sign G3LX

All welcome.  –  Kind regards AL G0ROW

UPDATE – Members on the net were – Les M0LPB, Tony M0SAV, Keith 2E0JPY, Bob M0CPP,  Heth M6HNS, Evan M0TJU, Nige 2E0CKA,  Jim M6URD, and Nige G0RXA

Friday Net 3 May (03.05.18)

If you get chance please come and join the net today on:- 2m Net 145.375 +/- Callsign in use M5MDX May 4 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

73’s and talk soon  Les – M0LPB

UPDATE – Members on the net were –   Alan M6KOY, Tony M0SAV, Keith 2E0JPY, Paddy 2E0TWD and myself Les using the callsign M5MDX

SRS Meeting 1 May  ‘How To Use a Microphone Correctly’  (30.04.18)

Using a microphone is simple, isn’t it? Just hold it up to your mouth and talk, sing, whatever. Not quite. Getting the best results involves the careful setting up of the mic, as Roland Myers G8LUL, an experienced musician as well as radio amateur, will demonstrate with live studio equipment. Expect an illuminating – and entertaining – presentation.  Morse practice will be at 7pm, as usual.

Hope to see you there.  73  Evan M0TJU

News just in – RSGB New President from May 2018 (27.04.18)

New just received from the RSGB Facebook page

The Society (RSGB) has received one nomination for President and so is pleased to announce that Dave Wilson, M0OBW has been duly elected as President of the RSGB until the 2020 AGM. The Society would like to place on record its thanks to Nick Henwood G3RWF for the excellent work he has done during his term as President. Dave’s term of office will start on 12 May.

On behalf of the SRS Committee and all members, we wish Dave all the very best in his new position with the RSGB



We have just been informed by the Norbreck that the hotel car park is now controlled by a 3rd party company called Smart Parking.  They have installed ANPR cameras on all entrances and exits.  As you can see from the attached you can have 15 minutes free parking but if you want to park for, say, 6 hours, the cost is £7.

It is not all gloom and doom as all hotel guests, traders and exhibitors can park for free.  We will have to supply a list of registration numbers to the hotel so that those vehicles are exempt from charges.  So it is important that all LEGITIMATE club members register their vehicle (we will do this on the NARSA stand) otherwise they will have to pay or, worse still, they will receive a penalty notice in the post!

As you can imagine we are not happy with this situation but at this late stage there is little we can do!!!  Note that the system only recently went live (it was not in force when we visited the hotel 3 weeks ago).


73s  –  Chris

P.S. Hopefully this will mean that the car park will be empty but the streets surrounding the hotel are likely to fill up very quickly.


NARSA Update – SRS (26.04.18)

The NARSA team are all packed and ready for Sunday.  Please come and say hi on Sunday.  We have items on the stand from ‘the old valves’ to ‘small kits for you to guess what they are’.  Below is the room map.  If you need to see who is going to be there, please go the website and click on the relevant tab.

Stockport Radio Society FRIDAYS NET 70CM 433.525 2PM (25.04.18)

Good Evening All  –  Neil M6NAE will be standing in for Les M0LPB on the Friday’s 70cm net at 2pm on 433.525.  Neil will be using his own callsign M6NAE.  This Friday’s subject ham radio rally’s you have been to. and your best purchases..

Speak to you all on Friday afternoon  –   7.3 Neil M6NAE

Stockport Radio Society 2m Net Wednesday 25 April 7.30pm (25.04.18)

Afternoon All  –  Just to let you know that Nigel 2E0CKA will be running the 2m net tonight at 7.30pm using his own callsign on 145.375 +/-.

Give us a shout, and don’t forget all the QSO’s you make go forward to your Sapphire awards and also the centenary awards.

73 Heth – M6HNS

Skills Night…. bring in your “bits and bobs Tuesday 24 April (23.04.18)

It’s Skills Night again and we’ll be continuing with the psk31 interface project.  Hopefully I’ll have mine up and running to give those interested an idea of what’s needed in the way of connections between individual transceivers and laptops. See you there.

Also, if you have any unfinished projects, eg the superhet kit…do bring it in if you need a bit of help setting it up.  More than likely there will be someone around willing to offer a bit of help.

Cheers,  Tom M0DCG

….and don’t forget the Morse practice at the usual time: 7pm.

73 – Evan M0TJU

RSGB Regional 3 Winners – Large Club of the Year 2017 (21.04.18)

I am pleased to announce that at the recent RSGB AGM, Stockport Radio Society were named Region 3 Large club of the year 2017 for the third year running.

Congratulations to all at SRS, and a big thanks you to all those that assisted with the application.

Heth M6HNS

DXpedition to Saltee Island (17.04.17)

Pete M1PTR, Tom M0DCG & Kieron M5KJM will be on air from the Republic of Ireland for the next three days. This morning they will be erecting their antenna. Unfortunately the weather is not good, wind and rain could hamper their progress. Wx should be clear later this afternoon.
Tonight we will try to link up with them – Bands to be updated later today.  Call Sign from Ireland is EI6KP.
If you have entered the SRS Centenary award you can log their contact. Also can count for the Double Sapphire Award and the HF ladder.
73 de Tony M0SAV

Talk Night – What Digital Interface Should I Buy (16.04.18)

If you’re looking at getting into the HF digital modes (PSK, RTTY, FT8, etc.) – or you want to enhance your digimode operating performance -come along and find out what type of PC-radio interface suits you best.  Morse practice will be at 7pm, as normal.

Hope to see you tonight.   73  Evan M0TJU

SRS Special Events 2018 (12.04.18)

Stockport Radio Society
Special Events 2018
Date Event Address
June 16, 2018 Marple Carnival Marple Forces Club, Lime Kiln Lane, Stockport SK6 6BX All Day Event
June 30 – July 1, 2018 Transport and Aviation Festival Runway Visitors Park, Sunbank Lane, Altrincham WA15 8XQ 2 Day Event
July 8, 2018 Avro Air Festival Woodford Aerodrome, Chester Road, Woodford, Stockport SK7 1AG All Day Event
July 28, 2018 IOTA Contest contacting  SRS Contest Group in Aaronmore and Open Day Walthew House, Shaw Heath, Stockport, SK2 6QS All Day Event



ISS amateur radio link-up for UK school (12.04.18)

by m5aka

A contact between Kings High School for Girls in Warwick and the International Space Station is planned for Thursday 19th April at 1205 UT (1305 BST).

The school says:

We strongly encourage our girls to develop their interests both inside and outside the classroom. This culture of empowerment led one of our girls to apply to ARISS Europe (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) for a highly prestigious link-up to the International Space Station.

This student-led initiative has resulted in a whole-school focus on Space Science, both in the classroom – from Engineering to English Literature – as well as co-curricular activities, including our ‘Mars Society.’

To support this programme, we have appointed our own Space Scientist in Residence – a unique position, we believe, for any school in the country.

Excitement is building for our live link-up to the International Space Station, when pupils from King’s High and Warwick Prep will talk with the astronauts on board.

King’s High And Beyond! – Adventures in Space

John McGuire, Space Scientist in Residence, has joined forces with Stratford Astronomical Society to organise a Stargazing Live event for students and parents of King’s High and Warwick Prep next Friday night. They will enjoy an Introduction to Astronomy, Telescope Talks, and ‘Ask an Astronomer’ sessions, before viewing the skies for themselves. This follows months of Space activity, from the very youngest pupils of Warwick Prep creating Mars models, to King’s students developing their own Amateur Radio Licensing Club, to set up a link between King’s and the International Space Station.

Live Link-Up to the International Space Station

When King’s High student, Eleanor Griffin was selected to hold a space conversation with an astronaut, she was inspired to set up the Warwick Mars Project, for students across the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation, to further interest in Space Science. Eleanor says: ‘The moon landings belong to the generation of our grandparents, and the International Space Station to our parents’. What will happen in our generation? Will Mankind travel to another planet?’ She will lead students in a live Q and A session with astronauts on the International Space Station on 19 April – the actual date depends on where the ISS is in orbit at the time.

From one girl’s interests and ambitions, a generation of King’s High and Warwick Prep pupils will benefit from an extraordinary range of opportunities and life-experience. We are also delighted that pupils from other local schools will be able to share in the excitement, by joining us for a ‘Space Day’ and the link-up itself. All power to our pupils!

The exciting journey pupils take at King’s High has expanded to a whole new dimension this academic year, as we explore the wonders of Space Science, with students from across the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation. At King’s, pupils have studied Space in lessons, from Engineering to English Literature, and developed a programme of student-led activities, including Space Blogs, an Astro-Photography competition, and a Space-themed dinner.

We recently appointed our own Space Scientist in Residence – a unique position, we believe, for any school in the country. Excitement is building for our live link-up to the International Space Station in April, when pupils from Warwick Prep and King’s High will talk with the astronauts on board.

There will be a live web stream from the event further details, will be published closer to the time at

King’s High School Warwick

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Over a Half-Century with Computers: a Very Personal Perspective – Stockport College (12.04.18)

Professor Peter Excell, Emeritus Professor of Communications at Wrexham Glyndwr University  –  The speaker will give a very personal view of the evolution of computing that he has experienced over the last 54 years. This will cover the development of mainframe computers, their general replacement by personal computers, excepting the continuing mainframe-like specialism of supercomputers, with which he has also had significantexperience. Beyond hardware, he will discuss changes in the philosophical approach to computing devices. In particular, he will discuss the rise of entertainment applications and the decline of “big government” applications, factors which have greatly coloured the post-cold war era. He will also discuss the way in which the mobile phone and its derivatives have risen to challenge the personal computer paradigms and will speculate about the future.

6m Net – Tuesday 10 April 2018 (08.04.18)

On Tuesday 10 April  Alan G0ROW will be running a net in the 6m band at 19.30 local time on FM 51.550MHz +/- QRM,

l will be using my own call G0ROW,   All members welcome,   73 AL

Update – Dear all a big thank you to all the members that joined the 6m net tonight  M0CCP  2E0JPY  G8WPL  M0LPB  2E0CFM  M6HNS  M0SAV  2E0NGE EX M6YKK  old my old mate G0RXA see you all soon,

Best 73 AL G0ROW

SRS Meeting Tuesday, 3 April: Radio Night (02.04.18)

Hope you’ve had a great Easter.

Just letting you know that, owing to the long weekend, tomorrow’s meeting will be a Radio Night.  (Morse practice will be on, as normal, at 7pm.)  We are expecting to make some contacts on the 40m band (7MHz) using various modes. Those who have been on the HF bands over the Easter Weekend would have noticed the smooth conditions on the lower bands, owing to stability in Earth’s geomagnetic environment – a state that is expected to continue over the next couple of days.

This month’s presentation night will be in a fortnight’s time, on 17 April, when I’ll be offering my tips for determining what digital mode interface is right for you. (“What Digital Interface Should I Buy?”)

Hope to see you tomorrow night.  73  Evan M0TJU


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