“Burnt Fingers/Repair Shop” Sessions

We are keen to encourage members into constructing/repairing their own equipment and over the years many evenings nicknamed “burnt fingers sessions” have been devoted to this side of the hobby.

If you are new to construction and are keen to learn, or even refresh your skills then we are fully equipped with the appropriate gear with mentoring personnel on hand especially during our new all day Saturday sessions. We have various kits available or you may prefer to bring your own.

As well as construction, we are also able to help with repairing certain older types of gear. So, if you have some old equipment which you would like bringing back to life such as wireless or power supply then please get in touch and we shall make arrangements for it to feature in one of events.

Looking after the sessions is Tom M0DCG, so if you are interested in having a go please email info@g8srs.co.uk, call our information line 07598 892795, or come along to one of our meetings.