The Constitution of Stockport Radio Society Including Guidelines to Membership – December 2017

Walthew House, Shaw Heath, Stockport  SK2 5QS
Meeting Times
The Society runs three nights per month starting at 7.30 till 10.30 pm
1st Tuesday Talk Night, 3rd Tuesday Radio Night, 4th Tuesday Skills Night (these are subject to change by the Programme Co-ordinator)
Club nets  –  70cm, 2m, 6m – details on the website
Club Call Sign : G3LX / G6UQ / M5MDX / G8SRS
Contesting Call Sign : G50
Stored Computer Information
Membership of the society implies the applicants permission to store all information for the purpose of  managing the society and publishing a list of members.  The committee shall take reasonable precautions to ensure that this information is only used in an authorised manner and will not be disclosed unnecessarily.
Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) Affiliated Member  –  Constitution of the Society
1 Name
The society shall be named “Stockport Radio Society”.
2 Aims
The aims of the society shall be to promote and develop the interests, in all aspects, of Amateur Radio and associated activities.
To provide a forum for like-minded people to meet on a regular basis.
To provide opportunities for theoretical and practical technical training and development to enhance knowledge and understanding in radio, electronics and operating skills.
To communicate and promote locally the virtues of the hobby and to welcome all interested people into its membership.
3 Powers
The society is empowered to organise meetings and events in furtherance of the society’s aims.
The society is empowered to raise funds by member subscriptions, meeting attendance fees, organising the Stockport Radio Society Rally and by obtaining grants/funding from other organisations.
The society is empowered to work with other organisations supportive to its aims
To undertake any other lawful activity to further the aims of the society.
4 Membership
Membership shall be open, subject to the discretion of the Committee, to all persons interested in the aims of the society.  A candidate for membership shall be proposed and seconded by Committee members and submitted to the Membership Secretary for their consideration.  Once approved the Membership Secretary will inform the applicant direct.
a. Full Members
Applicants who are 18 or over, join the society as Full Members at a subscription reviewed annually.
b. Honorary Members
Honorary Life Membership maybe granted to any person who, in the opinion of the Committee has rendered outstanding service to the society, either directly or indirectly.  Such membership shall carry the rights of Full Membership, but shall be free from subscriptions.
c. Country Members
Any interested and qualifying person living more than 50 miles beyond the Stockport Metropolitan Borough boundary, may apply for Country Membership.  Country members shall pay a reduced subscription, reviewed annually.
d. Junior Members
Applications under 18 may join the society as Junior Members at a reduced subscription, reviewed annually.  Signed Parental consent is required to join, attend meetings or as stated on the membership form.
e. Pensioner Members
Members who have reached the age of 65 shall be eligible to pay, on application to the Treasurer, a reduced subscription, reviewed annually.  They shall retain all of the rights of Full Membership.
f. Family Members
Members of the same family may join the society as “Family Members”.  All members of the family must reside at the same address,  Upon payment of a subscription equal to the Full Membership rate, the family shall become entitled to all of the rights of one Full Member, including one vote and one copy of the society’s magazine.
g. Visitors
Visitors shall be welcome to attend any Ordinary Meeting of the society.  After attending 4 meetings in a year, he or she maybe invited to join the society.
All members shall abide by the Constitution of the Society.  The committee shall have the power to expel any member whose conduct, in the opinion of at least three-quarters of the Full Committee, renders that person unfit to remain a member of the society.  No member shall be expelled without first being given the opportunity to appear before the Committee.
Any member wishing to resign, may do so by giving one month’s notice to the Secretary, in writing.  A member resigning from the society shall forfeit all claims to the effects or property of the society.
All members are deemed to have agreed to their membership details being held by the society on a storage device which is kept externally away from the Society, at a location known by the Committee only, in compliance with the “Data Protection Act”.
5 Subscriptions
a. The annual subscription for each of the categories of membership shall be set by the Committee and ratified by the Annual General Meeting.  Subscription shall then be due and payable as approved by the Annual General Meeting.  Subscription runs from 1 December to 30 November.
b. Members in arrears have no voting rights.  Any member whose subscription is not paid by the end of February  shall be notified directly, or through a society publication, that their membership will be deemed to have  lapsed, one month from the giving of such notice.  The Committee shall have the power to remove his or her  name from the list of members, provided that any such membership maybe restored on full payment of the  arrears.
c. The Committee shall have the power to waive or reduce subscriptions in special circumstances for a period not exceeding two years at a time.
d. An Attendance Fee, fixed by the Committee, shall be payable at each meeting attended.  Attendance is free for Junior Members.
6 Trustees of the Stockport Radio Society HA Account
a The property of the Society shall be vested in at least four Trustees, who shall be Full Members of the  Society  nominated by the Committee for approval by the members
b In the event of the demise or resignation of any Trustee, a new Trustee shall be appointed and thereupon all  necessary steps shall be taken to vest the property in the new Trustee jointly with the surviving Trustees. In   like manner, additional Trustees shall be appointed if deemed expedient.
c The Trustees shall have the power to invest and or sell property of the Society on terms approved by members
d The Trustees shall hereby be indemnified by the property of the Society, against any claims or demand in  respect of any liability legitimately incurred by them on behalf of the Society.
e The Trustees shall be entitled to indemnity out of the property of the Society for any and all expenses, claims, demands and other liabilities whatsoever incurred by them in the discharge of their duties.
f In all deeds and documents where the Trustees are made a party on behalf of the Society, it shall be clearly  stated that their liability shall not be personal and shall be limited to the value of the Society’s property within  their control.
g The Committee, with the approval of the members, may at any time request that a Trustee relinquish from the role and a new Trustee be appointed.
h Withdrawals require the signatory of three out of four of the Trustees.
7 Finance
a The Financial Year shall run from the first day in December to the last day of November.
b Monies received by the society shall be deposited in the society’s bank account.
c Financial transactions are made by the Treasurer on the authorisation of the Chairman.
d A simple written note of the group’s financial position will from time to time be produced and available at  meetings of the committee.
e Any monies raised shall be used to further the aims of the society and for no other purpose.
f A statement of accounts, verified by a competent person who is independent of the society shall be tabled at the AGM
g No member shall derive any financial benefit from the society, except for the payment of reasonable expenses.
h No money will be paid out in the name of the society without a receipt being represented
8 Commercial insurance (Contest Group shareholder items
Stockport Radio Society shall purchase the shareholder assets from the Stockport Radio Society Contest Group, (formerly Peak Contest Group/G50) for the purpose of commercial insurance.
The assets shall be purchased for a nominal fee of £1 on the 30 November each year.  The Stockport Radio Society Contest Group shall re-purchase the assets on the 30 November each year for the nominal fee of £1.
This agreement shall continue on an annual basis until both parties are in agreement that it should cease, in which case this must be put in writing to the Stockport Radio Society Secretary, and signed by all Contest Group shareholders and the Stockport Radio Society Chairman and Secretary.
No items shall be added to the inventory without the approval of Stockport Radio Society Committee. Furthermore no additional items shall be included until the renewal date of the insurance.
9 HA account interest
The HA account annual interest shall be transferred to the Stockport Radio Society No1 account on the 1 November annually. This amount shall be used for the sole purpose of paying the commercial insurance. Should there be a shortfall it is agreed that Stockport Radio Society shall top up the premium as required.
10 Stockport Radio Society (The Club)
Stockport Radio Society Committee request that the HA trustees ring fence £10,000 for the purpose of replacing club assets that are uneconomical to repair, stolen or destroyed by fire flooding or any other means of which the club has no control.
Stockport Radio Society agree to pay back to the HA ring fenced funds an amount agreed by both sides should a request for ring fenced finances be made.
The ring fenced amount to be assessed on an annual basis by both Stockport Radio Society Committee and the HA Trustees.
11 Membership of the Committee
The society’s affairs shall be administered by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting.  The Committee, in whom the society’s property shall be vested, shall consist of:
a Chairman, who will preside at all meetings that he/she is able to attend.  Normally, no member should hold  this office for more than three consecutive years, although, he/she may, in the event of no other nominees, be  re-elected.
b Vice Chairman, who will act in the absence of the Chairman
c Secretary, who will be responsible for:
Keeping minutes of all meetings of the Society’s and its Committee
Ensuring that all correspondence is correctly handled.
d Treasurer, who will be responsible for:
Keeping the society’s accounts in good order
Advising the Committee on all financial matters.
Preparing the accounts for audit and presenting them at the Annual General Meeting.
Maintaining a Register of Society equipment
e A maximum of five ordinary Committee Members, as elected at the Annual General Meeting.
f Not more than two Co-opted members, who shall have full voting rights and will normally be invited to  fill vacancies which may arise throughout the year or because of some specialist interest or knowledge.
12 Committee Decisions
a The quorum shall be two-thirds of the Committee, which must  include at least one Officer of the Society, in the absence of a quorum, business may be dealt with, but any decisions taken will only become valid after ratification at the next meeting at which a quorum exists.
b A minimum of four committee meetings per year will be called by the Chairman, Secretary, or any three Full Members of the Committee
c In the event of a tie, the Chairman has an additional casting vote.
13 Annual General Meeting
a The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held in December each year.  At least twenty one (21) days notice shall be given to each member in writing, via email or through the clubs website or newsletter.
b The quorum for the Annual General Meeting, shall be fourteen (14) members or twenty per cent (20%) of the membership, whichever is the least.
c The Agenda of the meeting shall be:
 1.  Apologies for absence
 2.  Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
 3.  Matters arising
 4.  Treasurers Report
 5.  Secretary’s Report
 6.  Presentation of Trophies
 7.  Chairman’s remarks
 8.  Election of New Chairman
 9.  Election of Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer
10. Election of Ordinary Members of the Committee
11. Election of Auditors
12. Any other business
d Items 1 to 8 shall be chaired by the outgoing Chairman, and the remaining business, by the new Chairman.
e All nominations for Officers and Committee Members shall be Proposed and Seconded and will only be valid if confirmed by the nominee.  Any nominee must have been a member of  Stockport Radio Society for three  consecutive years.  The Secretary must be notified of any such nominations at least one meeting prior  to the Annual General Meeting.  Serving Committee Members will be automatically nominated provided that they wish to continue
f Items to be raised under ‘any other business’ must be notified, to the Chairman/Secretary, at least one meeting prior to the AGM.
14 Extraordinary General Meetings
a An Extraordinary General Meeting maybe requested for a specific reason by the Committee, or not less than ten members of the society
b The Chairman/Secretary must be given twenty eight (28) days to reply to the request and to arrange a meeting.  Members of the  society, must be given at least fourteen (14) days notice of the meeting, which must  be held within forty two (42) days of the original request.
c No other business may be transacted at the EGM.  Other than that for which the meeting was called.
d The quorum for a Extraordinary General Meeting, shall be fourteen (14) members or twenty per cent (20%) of the membership, whichever is the least
15 Amendment to the Constitution
The Constitution can only be amended at any Extraordinary General Meeting called specifically for that purpose supported by a general vote in favour of the change.
16 Disbanding the Society
a Any decision to disband the Society can only be taken at a Special General Meeting called specifically for that purpose
b Members of the society must be given at least twenty-eight (28) days notice of such a Meeting.
c If, by a majority of two thirds of the members present at this meeting, it is decided to disband the Society, all goods and apparatus belonging to the society shall be sold and after payment of all debts owing by the society, the remaining shall be distributed to amateur radio societies or groups with aims to SRS
By Order of the Committee Dec-17

Amendment to the Constitution Dec 17