Station Manager

The role of the SRS Station Manager is as follows: 

Nigel Smithies M0VNL  

To oversee all aspects of the club’s radio stations and antennas and to report any problems regarding misuse, breakages, missing parts or breakdown of equipment to the Chairman for what action to take.

  • Station 1: Main club station – ICOM 7400
  • Station 2: Portable station – Yaesu FT-897
  • Telescopic tower, rotator with HF horizontal dipole + 2m yagi
  • Roof mounted multi-band HF vertical & tri-band 6/2/70 vertical
  • Three laptop computer systems
  • Related ancillary equipment with each radio station

To maintain all aspects of the laptop computers, including regular operating system and application software updates, which are used with the above radio stations. There are two laptops with Station 1 and a single laptop with the portable station.

This also includes resolving any hardware issues and interfacing problems which may arise.

For this, assistance is greatly appreciated from:

  • Roy G6RSU for help with maintaining the software systems
  • Phil M0XYA for assistance with the physical engineering aspects
  • Evan M0TJU for radio interface and operating experience

Primary: To set-up the main club station on radio nights for members to use. Oversee the use of the radio station during the evening and pack-away the station at the end of the session. Secondary: If required; to set-up the portable station and the additional FT-857 radio for use by the Morse class and/or radio-to-radio training/demonstrations of CW & Digital-data modes. Pack-away the station and any additional equipment at the end of the session.

To be available on radio nights to supervise anyone who wishes to operate on HF SSB telephony or digital-data modes and operate the radio station(s) to demonstrate live on-air operating techniques.  To assist the Digital-radio co-ordinator as required if able to do so.