Secretary / Media Manager / SRS Rally Asst & NARSA Rally Asst

The role of the Secretary / Media Manager / SRS Rally Asst and NARSA Rally Asst is as follows:

Heather Stanley M6HNS 

Ensuring SRS documentation is maintained correctly, organising Committee members reports in advance of meetings and preparing presentation reports, taking minutes of all meetings and doing the final reports to be sent out to the Committee.  Assisting the Chairman with both the AGM and Committee meetings.

Maintaining the SRS website to a good standard and  ensuring that the google groups are all up to date and working correctly. 

Advising RSGB/Radcom of all events that SRS undertake and keeping the SRS profile details and rally details up to date on the RSGB website.  Providing a year in advance of events to RSGB and Radcom.

Writing articles to send to the Radcom, researching and writing Centenary book.  Sending out email to the membership on a weekly basis advising members of  current events. 

Compiling QUA (SRS Newsletter) each quarter, ensuring sponsorship of the magazine, getting it printed and distributed via post, email or at the club.

Assisting Pete M1PTR and the team with the NARSA Preparation and attending all NARSA Committee meetings.  Also assisting the NARSA Committee with their website.  Also taking photographs at the NARSA rally (now as NARSA photographer) for the NARSA website. Assisting Nigel G0RXA and the team with the SRS Rally, taking phone calls, preparing table plans, assisting on the pay desk and meeting traders.

Net Controller (not very often), and regular attendee on all the club nets.

Assisting Tony M0SAV (Events Lead) with all advance preparation for the outdoor events, and securing the venues