Social/Radio Weekend at The Knot Inn – Rushton Spencer 26th and 27th June 2021

It’s been a long time since we have had an outdoor event for obvious reasons, but the time has come to do our first since 2019.

A two day event was planned for the end of June, restrictions permitting.

Thankfully, a lot of restrictions had been lifted, allowing Tony M0SAV, to arrange the event at The Knot Inn in Rushton Spencer.  Just before the last lockdown, Tony M0SAV’s daughter and her husband took over the tenancy of The Knot Inn, then the lockdown hit, but they managed to get going by doing takeout meals and drinks. Then the take out drinks was stopped by the government leaving just the Take away meals. But they managed to survive the restrictions.

Tony arranged with Colin and Sandra to do the event at the end of June.

Well the weekend arrived, and the team (Tony M0SAV, Heth M6HNS, Nigel 2E0CKA, Neil M6NAE, Nigel G0RXA, Evan M0TJU and Nigel M0VNL) arrived around 9 to start to set up.  Set up took a bit longer than normal, but it has been 2 years, so we can let them off this time, Not long after breakfast arrived, kindly donated by Colin and Sandra, tea, coffee and bacon butties.

The kit was set up and with a new HF antenna – ‘Delta Loop’ to try, kindly donated by one of our members, we were up and running.  Luckily we could leave the kit set up, just removing the radios into the pub for the night.

Both days were successes, with the first day (Saturday) having the most attendance from club members and their families.

What was supposed to be a radio event, turned into more of a social event, which to be honest we expected, as members had not seen each other for such a long time.  Lots of drink flowed, and quite a few home cooked meals, and lots of laughing and smiling, which was lovely to see.

Neil M6NAE ran the 2m/C4FM set up and had some contacts including M1DYU, M6HOU, G3CWI, AD8EY, M0UKT, 2E0JEZ, M7CAD, G7RC, and M0ALE

Evan M0TJU ran the HF set up and had some contacts including –


Nigel G0RXA was also running his own set up and managed to get some satellite contacts – click here to see his list

Our first event in two years was a great success, and now we look forward to our next event at the Runway Visitors Centre – Aviation Memorabilia Event at the end of July.

Thank you to everyone who came along to make it all worthwhile and a huge success.

Thank you to the team over the two days.