RSGB National Field Day (NFD) 2022

Date: Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th June 2022

Time: 15.00 UTC to 15.00 UTC

Location: Common Barn Farm, Smith’s Lane, Nr Rainow, Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Callsign: G5O/P

Accommodation: Tent.


Radio: Yaesu FT1000


Dipoles for 160, 80 & 40 Metres.

HyGain TH6: 20,15 & 10 Metres.

Software: N1MM

Cluster: Skimmer + Internet

Contest Manager: Dave G0LZL with assistance from Tom M0DCG


Carsten G0SYP/DL1EFD (15.00 to 22.59 UTC)

Dave G0LZL (23.00 to 06.59 UTC)

Carsten G0SYP/DL1EFD (07.00 to 15.00 UTC)


Friday 3rd June 2022: The contest rules do not allow construction to start more than 24 hours before kick off at 15.00 UTC (4pm local time) the following day. So, as the clock struck 4 our working party was onsite and ready for action however, the host whose task it was to move our trailer into the field was no where to be seen. The Gremlins were already starting to raise their heads which did not bode well for the weekend!!

In true “Thunderbirds” fashion and with afternoon turning to evening Dave the tenant farmer arrived on scene with his tractor and our trailer attached which in a blink of an eye was positioned and ready to be dressed, but only after the usual “where is north discussions” had taken place.

Even then those naughty little beasties were still having their fun as with those present celebrating a job well done it was soon realised the halyards for the dipole antennas were still well and truly attached to mother earth, “Doh” as Homer would say!! With light fading it was clearly time for home and one of Tom’s donuts but not before the call had gone out for “all hands on deck” in the morning with a prompt start at 9.30am.

Even then, the Gremlins had not been banished as a phone call had come in from Evan M0TJU, the intended third operator to report a bout of sickness meaning operating duties would fall to Carsten G0SYP and Dave G0LZL.

Saturday 4th: If to add insult to injury, the day dawned and the weather had taken a turn for the worse with high winds affecting the hill top site. Nevertheless, the call to all hands had been answered and those present set to work rectifying Friday’s little mishap and continuing the construction. Kickoff was some hours away but there was a lot of work to do not least siting and erecting the operating tent, a difficult task taking into account the stormy conditions.

Eventually, sited next to the dry stone wall which offered some protection the tent was in place and from then the station steadily grew. Amazingly, with over an hour to go everything was ready for a prompt start at 4 and when the whistle blew Carsten G0SYP sprang into action operating late into the night until Dave arrived on scene to takeover the baton.

Sunday 5th: A productive overnight session for Dave meant Carsten’s Sunday would get underway with a good QSO total already in the bag. Just like the “Eveready Bunny” Carsten plugged away at the bands and when the final whistle blew a respectable total haul of around 1,150 QSOs were in the log.

With the contest over Carsten was joined by Tom M0DCG to liberate the essential pieces of equipment from the tent before the station was fully dismantled on Monday.

Monday 6th: With the team back on site, tear down of the station began in earnest, but not before the usual morning tea break to discuss the events of the previous few days and a discussion as to how to dismantle the tent, something which a child could apparently accomplish with ease. Sadly, we didn’t have a child so Roy G6RSU and Tom M0DCG volunteered to fulfill the role.

By mid afternoon everything had been stowed away and the trailer made ready to be moved off site.

Another successful contest weekend had come to an end with all those present making plans for the next event on the horizon. The SSB leg of this year’s Field Day contests takes place over the first weekend in September and plans are a foot to enter a team using a similar setup and another airing for the tent.

Thank you to everyone involved with making the event a success, those being Dave G0LZL, Carsten G0SYP/DL1EFD, Tom M0DCG, Pete M1PTR, Kieron M5KJM, Roy G6RSU, Nigel G0RXA and not forgetting Dave the farmer.

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Photographs from NFD’s past.

G3KAF & G3SHF – NFD 2002
G3SVW & G3SHF – NFD 2003
G1IQZ & M0EEG – NFD 2006