History of SRS

We provide a focal point for local radio enthusiasts to come together and share their experiences of the hobby and learn of new ones.

Over the years the society has moved around the borough, however, we now have a permanent settled home at Walthew House, Shaw Heath, which is close to the centre of the town.  Walthew House serves as home to our regular meetings, successful training courses, rally, presentations and much more.

In addition to meetings to help members keep in touch on a regular basis, we also have a regular quarterly newsletter which compliments the members google group, and other social media channels.  To view our newsletter please click here

We now have a two fully operational mobile shacks at Walthew House and a new tower as well as antenna on the roof.  We can cover all aspects of radio, from VHF, SSB, HF to psk31, Digimodes and lots more.

We have also won the regional club of year (large clubs) trophy in 2015, 2016 and 2017.  We are also very proud to have come third in the national Club of the Year in 2017.  This is a massive achievement for Stockport Radio Society and also for Region 3 of the RSGB, as neither has got this far before.

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  1. Best Wishes for July 7th. I always look at Radcom to read about the Society. If it had not been for Ray G3FYE and hid Avondale class and for meny members of the Sosiety I woud not have enjoyed all these years on the air

  2. In the 1950’s I was living in Hazel Grove as a schoolboy with a strong interest in radio, remember seeing a house with a shed and aerial mast in back garden, plucked up courage and knocked on front door, a gentleman came to the door, and me as a very nervous 14 year old muttered “ are you a radio amateur , I am interested in radio” .The gentleman turned out to be Ernie wWigzell,l who showed me around his shack and made several other visits later on. He introduced me to SRS who at that time held meetings in the Blossoms Hotel on the A6. Remember that Granada TV had just started on the air and one of SRS members worked there and organised a trip around the studios for us. I got my call sign G6MDT in 1981 whilst I was living in Preston,
    Ah what happy memories.
    John Sibbles

    • Lovely Comments – would you mind if I used these in the centenary booklet that I producing for SRS for their 100 year birthday in 2020

      • Hello, no problem, feel free to uae anything you wish.
        John Sibbles

        Ps further recollections, myself and 3 friends went to the first field day held after we joined the club, think it was held at Marple Ridge ( but not 100% sure), we were all avid short wave listeners and general radio enthusiasts and were very excited in anticipation of what we would hear. Two stations were set up A and B and the equipment was fed from car batteries via rotary converters ( transistors were unheard of in those days!). The excitement soon disappeared when we realised it was a CW contest and we couldn’t understand anything!!
        The following year the competition was located in Torkington Park in Hazel Grove and we decided that we would set up our own station (station C), I provided a tent, one of the other lads made two masts out of garden canes with string for for the supporting guys and the other lad provided a single valve HAC receiver and some wire for the antenna. It was all duly erected and we felt so proud of our achievement, though the two masts didn’t look very straight.
        I was living in Dean Lane at the time and my father worked at Simon Handling in Cheadle and came home one night with the Simon News letter magazine which showed a photo of G3FOE in his shack, it turned out he lived in the next road to us.
        Have been trying to remember some other people from the time, G3LSL didn’t live to far away and I seem to remember someone called Ray.
        I got hold of a type 38 portable rig, but that’s anothe story if you wish (but it was pirating!)

        Feel free to use anything you wish.

        Best Regards

        John Sibbles. G6MDT

  3. Came across your site when idly putting in my father’s old callsign G3MBQ – John Scarbrough. Dad had many happy years with Society and Raynet. I wonder if there is anyone still around who remembers the RAYNET caravan fitted out in 1965/66 by my father, Ian MacArthur (G3NUQ) and Pete Reynolds (G3NOA I think) amongst others. I remember Ray Phillips (G3FYE) very well.

    Good Luck for your centenary in 2020.


    Ian Scarbrough

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