HF Ladder inc VHF 2m & 70cm

Stockport Radio Society runs the HF ladder from December each year through to November the following year, and at our AGM each year we have competition winners from various categories.  To enable you to enter this you need to sign up to Club Log.

Once you have signed up to club log, you then upload your files from your logging programme, and these are loaded up onto the HF ladder.

Until now (21 March 2018), you would normally have had to log in to club log to see the tables.  Thanks to Pete M1PTR, he has adapted the file for you to see, via his website for the initial period.  It provides up to the minute league tables for both HF & 6  and 2 & 70 DXCC ladders.  Click on the link below.


This is currently a trial version, and should Pete get good feedback, we will move this to our website.