Double Sapphire Award

The Double Sapphire Award has proved a great way to promote communication between members by radio.  We are now in our 100th year, and we are updating the award and we now have four awards for members to try and achieve. 

The Double Sapphire Award itself is in the form of a skill fully crafted certificate and is available in four classes.

Programme Requirements   These awards are open to all members of the Society, i.e. those whose subscription covers the year that the QSO (contact) was made.  

There are four awards to claim in order.  You can only contact a callsign once, and must have an exchange of signal reports

  • Silver – 25 points
  • Gold – 25 points plus your approved Silver award
  • Blue Sapphire – 15 points plus your approved Silver and Gold Awards
  • Diamond – 10 points plus your approved Silver, Gold and Blue Sapphire Awards

There are various ways you can claim your points.

Overseas MemberBarry VK2BJ20 Point Voice
5 Points CW
5 Points Digital
PresidentNigel G0RXA 5 Points
Principal Committee MembersTony M0SAV, Nigel 2E0CKA, Evan M0TJU, Heth M6HNS 5 Points each
Committee MembersBernard G3SHF, Kieron M5KJM, Pete M1PTR, Nigel M0VNL, Neil M6NAE, Keith M0JYP 2 Points each
Club CallsignsG3LX, G6UQ, M5MDX, G8SRS, G8SRS/100 5 Points each
MembersAll members not listed above 1 Point each

We are also supplying all members with a list of SRS Members, so that you can mark off on your sheet who you have contacted, and who you are chasing – Please request the committee.

Double Sapphire Claim Forms – All Awards

Submissions  –  Submit your  log by completing all the details on the spreadsheet.  These will be checked and approved, and then the sheet sent back to you.  Please send your forms to the committee.


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