Digital Radio Co-ordinator

The role of the Digital Radio Co-ordinator is:

Neil Ryding M6NAE

I became interested in radio in the 1980’s first on the CB, with the good old Rotel 240 CB radio, then in January 2012, I decided to try to gain my amateur radio licence. On the 26 April 2012, I passed my foundation licence and became M6NAE.

I really like all aspects of the hobby. Whether it is kit building or learning something new, or even making my own wire antennas, HF, VHF/UHF radio and the digital side of the hobby.

After joining Stockport Radio Society as an ordinary member, I first became involved with the SRS Rally as a Steward, assisting traders in and out of the event with their goods, and also talking to the attendees.  I was then asked to join the Events Team. This team was set up to showcase Amateur Radio at different events around the  North West.  

After being with the club for three years, I was elected onto the Stockport Radio Society Committee in the role of Digital Radio Co-ordinator.  This role includes the digital modes of amateur radio  –  D-star. Yaesu System Fusion C4fm, and NXDN Kenwood Digital Radio, and also using a dv-mega bluestack hotspot to access the modes.

As with digital radio there is no need for any antennas. Just the internet is required to work the world on 5 watts of RF power. Ideal for members living in a flat or if you can’t put antennas up in your property and still wish to be a part of the hobby.

In 2019 I was involved in the building of the flight case system for the digital radio system, with which we won an award at NARSA 2019.