Teatime Morse Nets

Bernard G3SHF and Tom M0DCG have started running a CW net during the COVID-19 situation. These nets will run for the foreseeable, every afternoon. The sessions start at 4.00pm each day on 3564kHz +/- QRM. Please feel free to have try. If you can received the morse transmission, but cannot send back, please let Bernard know and see your morse conversions direct. CW Transcriptions and recordings are now in a new folder – Bernard – morse@g8srs.co.uk

During our net sessions we have introduced you to CW alphabetical and numerals, the some of the structure to be heard in QSOs and many of the Q-codes, abbreviations and special symbols regularly used.

I have set-out below a summary found in our sessions. However our sessions have only covered a few of those available but I’ve added links that cover most that are available.

Q Codes

QRLAre you busy? Is this frequency in use?QRZWho is calling
QRMMan made interferenceQSLConfirmation of reception or a card confirming reception
Noise interferenceQSOA radio contact
QRSSlow morse / send slowerQSYChange frequency to ....
QRTI am closing downQTHPosition
QRXWait or pauseI

A much fuller list can be found https://hamradio.org.uk/q-codes/


CW Punctuation

Comma― ― • • ― ―Full Stop• ― • ― • ―
Forward Slash― • • ― • Separator― • • • ―

More Punctuation https://www.cryptomuseum.com/radio/morse/

Abbreviations from SRS CW Sessions

73Best wishes
88Love and kisses
ANTAntennaRRoger or OK
CULSee you laterRIGStation Equipment
FBFine business or OKRPRTReport
GAGood afternoonSIGSignal
GBGood byeSKEDSchedule
GEGood eveningSRISorry
GMGood morningTMWTomorrow
HWHowTUThank you
OBOld boyYLYoung lady
OMOld man

Fuller list from http://www.hamradio.cc/cw/cw_morse_code_abbreviations.php

Procedural Signals (Prosigns)

AREnd of Message
ASStandbyKInvitation to transmit
BTPauseKNGo ahead specific station
CLClose DownSKEnd of contact

Unlike Morse Code abbreviations, the above signals are sent as a single character (no spacing between letters)

More on Prosigns can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prosigns_for_Morse_code