Contest Group Co-Ordinator

The role of the Contest Grop Co-Ordinator is as follows

Bernard Naylor G3SHF  

I am an ordinary Committee member, a member of the Harry Arnfield Fund Trustees, and also the SRS Contest Group Co-ordinator. 

I joined the Committee approx 25 years ago and subsequently served as Chairman for a year and Treasurer for 18 years.

As a member of the Harry Arnfield Fund Trustees I share responsibility for ensuring fund monies are spent to support the successful development of the Society within the terms of the SRS Constitution.

To this end the Trustees must sign off each request for fund expenditure and meet annually to check the monies spent in the last period have achieved their planned objectives.

As SRS Contest Group Co-ordinator I keep the Committee informed on:

  • The groups contest plans
  • Each contests achievements
  • The groups financial situation
  • The SRS members involved with the group in terms of operators, station build helpers and those wishing to develop contesting skills
  • Critical maintenance work required
  • Plans to improve the station
  • Collect subscriptions from CG members and prepare annual accounts for audit.
  • Liaise with our Farmer host to ensure access to our contest site is available when required.

I am chairman of the SRS Contest Group review committee.  This committee is responsible for managing the day to day activities of the Contest Group and associated expenditure