Centenary Award

In June 2020 Stockport Radio Society will be celebrating its 100th birthday.

As part of the celebrations we are hosting a Centenary Award for members to enter.  There are three prizes – 1st £100 plus a certificate, 2nd £50 plus a certificate, 3rd £25 plus a certificate.  All entrants will receive a certificate for taking part.

Rules of the Award

Please notify your intention to participate in this award to SRS Secretary by completing the A6 card that was with your November 17 QUA, or let Heather know that you do not have the card and she will post one out to you.

  • Contacts allowed from 01 UTC 1 December 2017 to 00.00 UTC 30 April 2020.
  • Award open to all members of the Society, ie those whose subscription covers the above dates that the QSO (contact) was made.
  • Contacting a member scores 1 point.
  • You may only contact the same member ONCE per Mode on the same Band. 

Example:- Phone, CW, Digi, RTTY etc on same band. Each mode will attract ONE POINT per mode on the same band. (please log type of digi mode BPSK31, JT65 etc)

You must use the allocated section of that band for the relevant mode. (as per RSGB band plan)

Any contacts logged outside the allocated section for that mode will be disallowed.

  • Contacting an SRS club callsign – GX/G3LX, GX/G6UQ, GX/G8SRS and MX/M5MDX  – scores 5 points each. (ie: GX3LX = 5 points. G3LX = 5 points)
  • Contacting an SRS Contest callsign 5 points (contest callsigns will be published on the SRS members Gmail group prior to the contest start)
  • Contacting the Society President and Society Chairman also scores 5 points. (as per contact rules above)
  • SRS Special Events callsigns are also allowed each scoring 5 points. (ie GB0XWB / GB0AHM – these are examples only – as per contact rules above)

Club calls must be noted as CC-G3LX, CC-GX3LX etc

Contest calls must be noted as CC-G5O

President must be noted as CP-G0ROW

Chairman must be noted as CM-M0SAV

Special Events Callsigns must be noted as SE-GB0XWB

Log Submissions

Submit your logs to Nigel 2E0CKA for approval – m6bbl@btinternet.com by 30 April 2020.  (logs should be submitted on a 3 monthly basis for approval these will be signed and dated by adjudicator