2008 – GB100STH – Centenary of the opening of Stockport Town Hall.

In July 1908 the town of Stockport celebrated the official opening of the town hall, known as the wedding cake, by the HRH Prince of Wales. 100 years on, further celebrations took place to commemorate the event and SRS played its part. With the help of a sympathetic member of staff, a top floor room was  secured in the college building opposite the town hall allowing a spectacular view of the building and surrounding area. Similarly, with a variety of antennas for HF and VHF/UHF well over 2,000 stations were  contacted around the world in a month-long activation.

Successful publicity for SRS meant that within a few weeks, the Organiser Jim G3VOU and other prominent members were appearing on local TV and radio promoting the use of Morse code.