Club Callsigns

The Society’s main callsigns are:

G8SRS  –  Used mainly for VHF / UHF.

G6UQ  –  Used mainly for contesting, but also by our rally talk-in station in July.

M5MDX  – Used mainly on HF and during our Foundation Licence courses.

G3LX – This was our previous presidents callsign which is now a club callsign after his passing

G50 – Used by SRS Contest Group in HF contests


GX8SRS  –  VHF / UHF station operating from HQ – mainly used for club nets using FM ./ SSB / CW.

GX6UQ  –  HF / VHF station operating from HQ.

MX5MDX  –  HF station operating from HQ.

Other Callsigns Used 

GM8SRS  –  Used twice during 2013 by members during DXpeditions to the Scottish Islands.

GQ8SRS –  Used during the 2012 CQ WPX Contest and during the period where UK stations were allowed to insert the letter “Q” in celebration of the Queen’s 60th anniversary.

GB0XWB – Used July 2017 with the SRS Special Events Station at Manchester Airport Transport and Aviation Society Event

GB0AHM – Used August 2017 with the SRS Special Events Station at the Avro Museum.

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